Week of February 2nd-8th


Monday: We ran pretty average today. We did a very common route that we tend to do a lot. We call it BP, as  there is a gas station on the corner where we turn called BP. We did that at an average pace. Our pace was a 6:58, we wanted to take it easy for the most part. The wind was crazy on the way back. So that made all of us very cold and held us back a little also. In the end it was a good run.

Tuesday: We had lifting in the morning which went well. Then after school, we again decided to run average or a little fast. We were planning on doing 7 but turned off and did a different route so it only ended up being 6 but I was okay with that. We ran a 6:51 pace. So nothing too crazy or anything. After I got done my knees hurt a little, probably going to take off a couple of days next week to help them recover.

Wednesday: Today we decided to take it at an average pace, despite the snowy route we took. We ran up and along a trail on the Fox River. The run itself was not all that bad, but the 1.5 mile stretch along the Fox was hard. It was covered with about an inch of snow. We clicked in with a 6:57 minute mile pace for 5.25 miles so it was a decent run. It was 1 degree so it was a little cold. And with the snow making it slippery along the trail my quads were a little sore that night, but after rolling and stretching them they were all good. Knees hurt again, definitely going to take the days off next week.

Thursday: We decided to do a workout today. We only ran 3 miles today. We ran it at about a 7 minute pace, so it was not too fast. After that we did four 400 meter sprints with a 5 minute rest in between the first 2 and 4 minute rest in between the second 2. The first two went by quite fast, it was not all that hard. The next two were a little harder, because we already did two and because the rest was now only four minutes. I averaged 1:13, a little slow but it was slippery and windy so I was happy with that.

Friday: Day before race so we took it easy. We decided we wanted to goof off today and take it easy because it was the day before the Sergooys Valentine’s day run. A local 5k run. We ran about 2.8 miles to Walmart and walked around there for a little bit. One of the guys wanted to see if they had something for his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Then we ran a little shorter way back, it ended up being 5.5 in total. We ran it with a pace of 7:09 so it was quite slow, but with a race the next day none of us cared all that much. Then after that we had team dinner, one of my favorite parts about racing/ cross country.

Saturday: Today was the race! It was 20 degrees outside so it was warmer than the rest of the week. I decided to run in shorts, a singlet, and mittens. The first mile went by crazy fast. It was really flat, but straight against the wind so it brought the time down a little. At the one mile mark I was in 3rd place. At the second mile mark, I was alone. Again the mile went by fast, but there was a little hill. I was still in third. I ran the rest of the race pretty normal. Came in 3rd overall with two of my teammates takes first and second. Felt good the whole run. I ran a 18:42 and averaged a pace of 6:01 so it was a good race, but nothing too impressive.

Sunday: Took the day off running today. Did a small yoga and ab routine. Decided I was going to take off till Thursday to let my legs/ knees rest.