Week of the 16th-22nd

Monday: Today I decided to go for a 8 mile run. It was horrible, I did not feel good the whole way though. It felt like it took a really long time, and my legs hurt quite bad. We averaged a pace of 6:58, so it was a pretty good pace. Just I did not feel good at all. This week I wanted to get 38-40 miles, then I will start cooling it down. There is only 3 weeks before track season.

Tuesday: Today we ran 6 miles. It was a colder run. The temps for the coming days have seemed to be worse though. My quads were very sore I could not believe how sore they were and how bad they got pounded on the hills. We ran at a 7:00 minute pace so it was not too fast. I was okay with that because of how sore I was. I felt better than yesterday but nothing too great. We also had lifting in the morning so that made me more sore than I already was.

Wednesday: Today we ran 7 miles. It went alright. I did not feel really bad or anything. I did not feel great though. It was horribly cold, wind chills below -20 degrees. I had to wear a face masks and ski goggles otherwise I would get frostbite. It probably looked like I just robbed a bank. We ran at a 6:56 pace, we slowed down a lot on the way back because we were straight against the wind so it was very cold.

Thursday: It was cold but not nearly as cold at the previous days. We did a route where we would only be against the brutal wind for a short period of time. It was beautiful and I felt great when the wind was at my back, but the second it hit me from the front I felt like crap. So for some of the run I felt good and for some I didn’t. We ran a 6:58 pace. So it was nothing to fast, and more of just a recovery type run with no hills.

Friday: Today it was cold but nothing too bad. Wind chills of -13 degrees. I ran 5 miles at a 6:53 pace so it was a decent pace. I was quite cold so I did not want to go any further. My friends I was running with turned and only did 3 because they were so cold. I stayed strong so I could hit my milage for the week. I felt great throughout the whole run, even picking up my pace for the last mile a little bit.

Saturday: Today was a great run. It was warm, about 25 degrees. I ran 8 miles and felt really good. I picked it up to about a 6:45 pace for the last two miles. But the whole run itself was still pretty good. I ran a 6:51 pace. I felt good, and never got to hot or cold. I hit my goal for the week with 39 miles. With the next weeks I am going to start cooling it down so I am well rested and ready to race for track season.

Sunday: Did not run today. Decided to give my legs a break.