After Jonah Gorevic from New York set a new 12-year old record in the mile we didn’t think it would get broken for quite awhile. Jeremy Kain didn’t see it that way and last week at an All-Comers Meet in Los Gatos, California he took down Jonah’s record of 4:43.20 and replaced it with his own time of 4:36.8. Jeremy goes to Scotts Valley Middle School and is part of the Los Gatos Track Club.  Video of the race by Edward Tau


Jeremy, what gave you the idea or the inspiration to go after this record?

My dad told me that I was close to the world record. so I decided that I would try to train for it and I had my mind set to break the record.


Tell us about your middle school track season and accomplishments this year?

My middle school track season consisted of me running the 4x1, 4x4, 800, and 1600,  i broke 5 minutes this year closer to the end of the track season, my PR was a 4:57, until I ran my 4:36. 



What is your mileage or training leading up to this race?

My coach Willy sends me workouts for me to do almost everyday, some days I jog for 45 minutes, and some days I run intervals for an hour.



Are you competing in the JO's?

I am competing in the JO's, I qualified for the 800, and the 1500 in Kansas... last year for cross country, I got 4th in the 11-22 division, now I'm still 12 but I'm running in the 13-14 division. 



How long have you been running...what age did you start?

I've been running seriously for about 2 and a half years.. I started when I was like 10. 


What other accomplishments can you share?

I broke 5 minutes earlier this year, last year during the Cross country nationals I got All American and I was also close to the 11 year old world record.