The Jaybird XC Wireless Sport Headphones Product Review



EDITORS NOTE: A great review from Isabella. This is the second time we've reviewed a product from Jaybird and the X3 has
passed the YR test.
They're waterproof and designed for athletes. And the sound is incredible. Lots of "ear buds" online for less money but the "Bird" is solid. And....with all of our earbud or headphone reviews we suggest that you use them on the track or at the park vs. taking a long run on the road and getting lost in your playlist instead of paying attention to the traffic. Earbuds are actually banned in many road races for safety concerns.


Recently, I have received a pair of Jaybird X3 Sport Headphones (ear buds) to review. I really enjoyed the earbuds and they’re very practical to run in them or just to hang around the house in.

I got the model, X3, and it was one my personal favorite Bluetooth earbuds I’ve used.

"Setting the earbuds up is super easy."

It all has all these attachments to make the earbuds more comfortable to run it. Charging it fully takes about 2 hours. It has a cord to fit comfortably around your neck when running or relaxing.

When I used them sitting around the house, they fit comfortably and didn’t fall out after I adjusted them to my head. It took a while to adjust the earbuds to me, but after they fit seamlessly. The sound quality is pretty clear and had a lot of bass. With the app you can even customize the sound. When I tested them running, I had to repair the device once, but this could have been caused by faulty Bluetooth range. The earbuds stayed in place when jogging and sprinting. This was a nice touch for me as these earbuds didn’t fall out due to speed changes. However when I started to sweat a lot, they seemed to shift a bit. It comes with interchangeable tips and fins but I liked the foam tips better because they stayed in place more and were snug. Another feature is that the X3 has an eight-hour battery and they're waterproof.

The Jaybird X3 Earbuds are definitely one of my favorite Bluetooth earbuds I’ve owned and I look forward to continue using them.

You can buy them at the Jaybird website. The regular price is $129.99 but when we checked they were on sale for $99.99.


Lauren Fleshman with the X3