Members of the host club took home plenty of medals last weekend when the CVAC Jaguars hosted the Garriock Track and Field Meet at the Cowichan Sportsplex.

Jaguars athletes captured 92 individual medals: 30 gold, 36 silver and 26 bronze; and five relay medals, all gold.

The meet was a great success, said organizer Peter Postuk. We had 388 athletes attending from all over the Island. We had really strong performances from our athletes.

The long-running meet is a fixture of the season, and relies heavily on the work of a legion of volunteers.

The Garriock Meet is one of the highlights of the Island track and field series, and it could not be done without the huge support we receive from our parent volunteers, said Postuk. We were honoured this year by the attendance of the meet's namesakes, Doug and Georgina Garriock, who were instrumental in the drive to build the fabulous Sportsplex that we enjoy today.

Chicago Baines took home a grand total of seven individual medals, the most of any CVAC competitor. The 13-year-old's haul included five golds (80m and 200m hurdles, high jump, long jump, triple jump), one silver (100m) and one bronze (200m).

Not far behind was Torin Halvorson, with six medals in the 12-year-old boys division. They included three golds (300m, 800m and 1200m) and three silvers (200m, 80m and 200m hurdles).

Sophy Paisley collected five medals, entirely silver, in the 12-yearold girls division (100m, 200m, 80m and 200m hurdles, high jump).

Finishing with four medals was Tia Baker, who took gold in the 15-year-old girls long jump, to go with three silver medals (100m, 200m, 80m hurdles).

Ten Jaguars athletes wrapped up the meet with three medals, including Liam Lindsay (gold in 15-year-old boys 100m and triple jump, bronze in 14-15 200m), Chase Peleshaty (gold in 20-34 men's 200m and 400m, silver in 100m), Andrea Lyon (gold in 16-17 women's 1500m and 3000m, silver in 800m), Sion Griffiths (gold in 11-year-old boys javelin and shot put, silver in high jump), Kyle Frederickson (gold in 12-year-old boys shot put, silver in discus and hammer), Sophie Cutt (silver in 16-17 women's 400m, 300m hurdles, and bronze in 200m), Emma Wilson (silver in 10-year-old girls 1000m, 800m race walk, and bronze in 600m), Mikaella Payne (silver in 10-yearold girls 60m hurdles, bronze in 60m and high jump), Jaden Dewit (silver in 10-year-old boys 1000m, 60m hurdles, and bronze in long jump), and Aaron Dewit (silver in 10-year-old boys javelin and bronze in 1000m and shot put).

With a pair of golds (16-17 men's 100m and 200m), Colby Peleshaty was one of several Jaguars with two medals. He was joined by Mary-Kate Cross (gold in 16-17 women's 200m, silver in 100m), Luke Handel (gold in 11-year-old boys 200m, silver in long jump), Ryan MacDonald (gold in 16-17 men's long jump, silver in 100m), Nicole Lindsay (silver in 13-yearold girls 300m, bronze in 800m), Brenden MacDonald (silver in 16-17 men's 800m, bronze in 1500m), Reece Fougner-Rukus (silver in nine-year-old girls high jump, bronze in 60m hurdles), Emma Dewit (bronze in 11-year-old girls 60m and 200m), and Oliver Wilson (bronze in 11-year-old boys 1000m and javelin).

Claiming single gold medals were Taryn Smiley (14-year-old girls 100m), Ciara Halvorson (10-yearold girls 600m), Josh Williams (15-year-old boys 800m), Cate Broere (12-year-old girls 800m race walk), Dane Broere (15-year-old boys high jump), Cameron Chow (16-17 men's high jump) and Sophie Miller (14-year-old girls javelin).

Taking home single silvers were Leah Theobald (16-17 women's 100m hurdles), Declan Lineen (16-17 men's triple jump), Christina Dicarlo (14-year-old girls javelin), Chase Gunderson (14-year-old boys javelin), and Josh Palou (18-19 men's hammer).

Solo bronze medals went to Mariah Fontana (14-year-old girls 100m), Connor Peleshaty (18-19 men's 200m), Christiaan de Beer (11-year-old boys 600m), Emilie Bourque (15-year-old girls 2000m), Marlee Wright (13-year-old girls 1500m race walk), Dane Rogers (14-year-old boys high jump), Ashley Haley (16-17 women's triple jump), Aidan Lineen (15-year-old boys triple jump), Griffin Fougner-Rukus (11-year-old boys discus) and Isaac Godkin (18-19 men's hammer).

The Jaguars won gold in five 4x100m relays: senior men (Connor, Colby and Chase Peleshaty and Brenden MacDonald), youth men (Cameron Chow, Declan and Aidan Lineen and Ryan MacDonald), midget boys (Zachery Payne, Dane Broere, Arjan Manhas, Dillon Forest), youth women (Leah Theobald, Kaitlyn Lee, Tia Baker, Mary-Kate Cross), and midget girls (Mariah Fontana, Chicago Baines, Emerie Funk, Taryn Smiley).

Other area residents not affiliated with the CVAC Jaguars who won gold medals at the Garriock meet included national junior team veteran Joanna Franke Kuhn in the 18-19 women's hammer, Vern Shook in the 65-69 men's 100m and 200m, Dave Munro in the 70-74 men's 100m, Karen Shook in the 60-64 women's 200m and 400m, and Nick Stoochnoff in both the 18-19 men's high jump and triple jump. © Copyright (c) Postmedia News