The Run S.M.A.R.T. Project in New York has teamed up with Coach Jack Daniels on a summer training program.

Here's what you get

Handwritten schedules by legendary coach Jack Daniels Customized paces to help you reach your goal Email support for duration of plan Reduce risk of injury or over-training

Run SMART Training Plans include cross country, 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon customized training schedules for runners of all levels. Schedules are handwritten by legendary coach Jack Daniels—named the “World’s Greatest Coach” by Runner’s World—and then formulated so every pace of every workout is personalized to match your running profile.

These affordable training plans are unlike anything available on the market today. Most online generic schedules account only for a person’s perceived ability without factoring their time goals, running history or lifestyle. The common result of this oversight? Increased risk for over-training or injury. And unlike other programs, a coach is always available via e-mail if you need help or have questions along the way.

Cross Country (XC) Plans are designed specifically for the high school level cross country runner looking to get ready for the upcoming cross country season.

“My passion is writing up training programs for people of all walks of life, and I’m happy we can continue to do that through the Run SMART Training Plans. People have been copying my training schedules for years—oftentimes making minor adjustments and claiming them as their own invention. Now I’m glad the schedules will finally be associated with the original source.” –Jack Daniels, runner coach for more than 45 years.

Got a race coming up? Sign-up, submit your running profile and purchase a plan now! Your fully customizable schedule will be delivered within a few days.