Running in the heat can be miserable, so here are some tips to beat the summer heat


My first tip is to hydrate the day before your run.

That is the key tip of all! If you don't hydrate enough, your body can break down and have serious set backs on your run. I recommend drinking at least 1 gallon of water per day day or more! Yes, you read that right. A few bottles of water per day simply isn’t enough when you’re out in the heat. 


My second tip is to buy peppermint oil.

Which is an essential oil you can buy at your local Walmart, Healthfood store or on Amazon. Put it on your feet, neck, and ears 5-10 minutes before you go on your run. This will cool your core body temp to about 2-3 degrees and that’s huge when you’re talking body core temps. 


My third tip is to run when it is the coolest time of day!

Usually, the best time to run is early in the morning, or in the evening. Go during those cooler times so you can push your hardest on your big run or workout.


My last tip is to run on the grass, or in the shade.

When you run on the asphalt, it radiates more heat on your feet and legs while running. 


Stay cool this summer with these tips!


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See you at the Start Line!


- Izzy