EDITOR'S NOTE: Meet Izzy Frost, a 12-year old runner from Rolla, MO., which is about 100 miles outside of St. Louis. We’ve been following Izzy on instagram for a couple of years and recently asked her to share her accomplishments and some things “about” herself for a story in Youth Runner Magazine. Her instagram is: @izzy_runs


My recent accomplishments in 2018 have been on the Track for my school. I made varsity as a 7th Grader in Junior High School. I currently hit new PRs in the 800m with a time of 2:37 and the new school record at 1600m with a time of 5:38. 


I run a lot of 5K events and try to attend one twice per month year round. Some months I will run a 5K almost every weekend. I run them with my dad and my training partner Mike who’s a former State Champion (many years ago) in the 800m and a State Placer in the 1600m. He and my dad are around the same age, so I basically train with two guys when I’m not training with my school track team or Junior Olympic Coach. I usually train all year long, but I do take off 2-4 weeks summer and winter each year. I love running 5Ks because I get to meet so many new people of different ages. I’ve raced with Olympic athletes and many state players, champions and more, but one thing we all have in common is our love for running. Sure, we are all competitive when we race, but after our race, we are family. I have ran over 130 5K races since I was 8 years old. 




I love attending the Rock N Roll 5Ks in the US and my goal to run at all of them by the time I’m 18. I’ve ran the St Louis, MO Rock N Roll 5K at age 11 and was 3rd Overall Female Finisher with a time of 22:04 and was the fastest pre-teen on Record and received a special plaque for that achievement.


In March of this year, I ran the New Orleans, LA Rock N Roll 5K and was 3rd Overall Female Finisher with a time of 20:39. My most recent Rock N Roll 5K was in Nashville, TN and I was 2nd Overall Female Finisher with a time of 20:49. I love the change of scenery at each event and the people are amazing! I love how each course challenges me and it’s exciting every time! 




My fastest races are the Race to the Rocker 4 Mile Event where I broke the 11-year old girls State Record and ran a 26:11. Three months later I ran the GO! All American 5K in St Louis last summer, where I broke the 11-year old State Record with a time of 19:10. In June of last year (at age 11) I ran a 5:26 mile (1609 meters) at the St Louis Macklind Mile. I was the St Louis Festival of Miles - Middle School Mile Female Winner with a time of 5:45. 


I love running because I feel free. I feel connected with myself and with life when I’m outside on the open road, track or occasional trail. When I compete, I feel alive. Also, running brings me closer to lifelong friendships and my family. I love running, training and races 5Ks with my Dad, but we are both really competitive. Most of the time I beat him, but occasionally he will beat me. Sometimes it makes my mom want to pull her hair out because my Dad and I are so much alike. 




I live in a small town 100 miles south west of St. Louis called Rolla, MO. It has a population of around 20,000 people and it’s a university town. When I go to races I always have to travel. After school is out for the summer I begin my toughest training yet, which is my Junior Olympic training. I’m a two-time Junior Olympic competitor and I always compete in the 1500M and 3000M events. The level of competition at J.O. is unlike anything I’ve seen. It’s scares me, but at the same time, I feel like I was born for it. J.O.’s for me is a step towards the Olympic Games I hope to one day compete in. It’s been my dream since I was 7 years old watching the 2008 Olympic Games on television. Everything I do today leads up to that lifelong dream. 




Outside of running, my goals are to inspire, motivate and help others live a happy and healthy life. Many don’t understand that this is attainable by staying stress free, getting plenty of rest each night and eating healthy. I love giving advice on proper healthy foods to eat and how to become a better runner overall. It brings me great pleasure in helping others when I can.