Erika Kister Author of "For the Love of Peanutbutter"


EDITOR'S NOTE: We'd like to welcome Erika Kister to as a regular contributor. She recently started a blog called "For the Love of Peanutbutter" which is awesome! This post is about simple ways to exercise while you're doing other things in your life. Kind of like unexercising. Most of us on this site are runners and active.....Erika shows us more in her own unique style. And besides........everybody loves Peanutbutter right?


One day a few years back, I had finished eating lunch at work. When working at a buffet, lunch ends up being a 5 course meal. Every time I finished lunch, I felt like…..crud. I think we all know that I ate too much and all I want to do is sleep feeling.



I realized that the food that I ate and my (lack of) physical activity determined the way I felt.

The eating right part came naturally to me. I already loved to cook, so I just started cooking healthier….or should I say….realer. Less processed foods, more veggies, more whole grains, and less edible food-like chemicals.

The exercise part….that was the hard one. Working full time and taking 17 college credits didn’t really allow time for going to the gym. Everyone has busy lives, making it hard to deem exercise a priority.


Have no fear, I have tips for you here!

Today, I will give you a FEW tips on how to incorporate exercise into your everyday life…such as during your….

F ree time

E ducation

W ork

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