iCAN Junior Triathlon Team, who took 10 competitors to the IronKids National Championship last October, will begin its 2011 triathlon season March 28. The team will consist of over 40 kids between the ages of 7-15.

The team is a component of the iCAN Junior Triathlon Club, a non-profit organization, which promotes fun, healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. The club uses the sport of triathlon as a platform for character development, training, teaching and encouraging youth to develop an “ I CAN” attitude along with the core principles of confidence, patience and determination.

The team will swim and run on Monday and Wednesdays at Alta Sierra at 5:30 p.m. They will swim and bike on Saturdays at Clovis North at 10:00 a.m. The team welcomes the beginner as well as the experienced triathlete and focuses on a non-competitive, fun environment as an alternative sports program.

iCAN Junior Triathlon Club puts great emphasis on improving daily nutrition as well as sport- related nutrition by educating team members and their parents about the importance of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Over 2 million adolescents aged 12-19 have pre-diabetes in the U.S. and studies have shown that children who are obese are at greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea and social and psychological problems such as poor self-esteem.

The iCAN Junior Triathlon Club earned recognition last year when USA Triathlon awarded the club the third-best among the nation’s youth triathlon clubs. It received attention once again in October when the team took 10 members to the IronKids National Championships in St. Petersburg, Fl., where two-time USAT National Champion Chloe Waldner came away with an IronKids title in the 9-year-old division.

The Club trains in two sessions: spring (March 28-June 2) and summer (June 20-Aug. 27). Please visit icantriclub.com or call 559-9473 for more information