As runners, we need to come to terms with the fact that not every single race is going to be spectacular. Everyone, even professional athletes, have off days. This past Saturday, I had an off day.

We had had an outrageously difficult practice on Wednesday, so I’m trying to blame my sub-par performance on that. I ran a 6k in 26:32, so I guess it isn’t awful. It was my fastest 6k by over a minute- I should be happy, right?

The thing that made the race awful for me didn’t have anything to do with my time; in fact, I’m pretty happy with 26:32. The thing that’s giving me less than fantastic feelings about this race was how I felt. My body was just not having it that day- my legs felt heavy and sluggish.

 I know that I can run faster.

So what do I have to do to move on from this? Just that- move on. I have to realize that everyone has off days. I need to set goals of redemption. This weekend, I’m going to race with confidence and fluidity. I’m going to stay positive and put my sub-par race out of my mind. It’s a new week and a new course. That’s the wonderful thing about cross country- if you’re unhappy with your performance one week, you have the opportunity to do better the next week.

It is so important to not be discouraged after a bad race. So, if you had a less than fantastic race last week, do what I did and forget about it! Move forward. Use that race to propel you through another week of training and into a great race on the weekend.

There is no use in dwelling on the past. You won’t be able to get that cruddy race back. But, if you keep being focus on the negative, you will continue having poor races. And we wouldn’t want that!

So forget about last week’s race. It’s a new week with a new weekend and a race with a brand new course.