Often times as athletes we want our children to participate in the same sports as we enjoy. We start to feel the desire to get them active in the sport at a young age. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as it is done in a healthy way. Today, I am going to share with you three tips on how to get your young kids interest in running.

Show them by example

Kids learn a lot and are greatly influenced by observing. If you want your kiddo to be interested in running show interest in it yourself. This means go for a run, take them in a stroller with you, and talk about your runs. If you aren’t a runner yourself get them around others who are running or take them to a race to watch. Your interests will likely rub off on them.

Make it fun

Before getting too crazy about results make sure to make running fun. This could look like participating in themed races, creating a team with friends, or making signs to cheer someone else on. You know your child and what they enjoy. Ask yourself how you can incorporate that into running. Something as simple as light up shoes or playing at the playground after the race could make the experience way more intriguing for young kids.

Use stories to inspire them

Young children sometime have a hard time relating to experiences they have yet to have or see. However, they can relate to characters in stories rather well. In a sense it gives them a way to be familiar with something that they actually have no experience with. Using a story like Running Is Totally For Me can inspire them and get them interested in running.

Getting your young kid interested in running really shouldn’t be that hard. They love to do things that they are exposed to especially when it looks super fun. That’s why if you are involved in running, make it fun and use stories they can relate to they should be ready to run in no time!



Cassie Celestain has a background in Early Childhood Education and is the author of children’s book Running Is Totally For Me. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two daughters where running shoes and bike gear can be found in every room of their house. In her spare time she enjoys creating activities for her daughters, reading, crafting and trying new recipes.