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Jordan Hasay of Mission Prep ran against collegiate & professional runners Sunday night in the Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational at Stanford. While the pace-makers flew away at the start Jordan was content to run at the back of the pack. By the 400 meter mark the race was beginning to take shape as a battle between Lindsey Gallo, Amy Mortimer & Shannon Rowbury. The time was a very fast 62. Jordan remained in last yet deceptively fast given the older runners.

The leaders continued to battle away during the next 400 meters running well ahead of the chase pack. They hit the 800 meters in a brisk 2:11. Jordan had moved conservatively into second-last at that point.

The usual jockeying for position went on during the third lap, which saw Yuriko Kobayashi of Japan move into contention, while Sara Hall, representing Asics, also attempted to bridge the gap and make a challenge as well. Jordan remained near the back but running fluidly & within herself. Lindsay Gallo had a slight lead over Mortimer & Rowbury, when they reached the turn for the final lap, with a time of 3:19, but immediately after that Rowbury made a big move to sweep past her challengers opening up an almost immediate 10 meter gap. While Rowbury seized control of the race Kobayashi drew even with Mortimer & Gallo. Further back Hasay was making a move of her own. It was impressive enough to excite the announcer’s from Flotrack, broadcasting live, to exclaim she’s eating up collegians.

Shannon Rowbury claimed a facile 5 second victory with a time of 4:07.59. Yuriko Kobayashi finished 2nd in 4:12 a second ahead of Lindsey Gallo. Dacia Barr of Arkansas claimed 4th just ahead of Sara Hall. Jordan had moved up as far as 9th prior to the finish but was edged by Nanae Kuwashiro of Japan at the finish. For Jordan it was a fine showing against older competition & her time was just barely off her personal record, which is a shade under 4:17.

Finals Women’s 1,500 A

1 Shannon Rowbury Nike 4:07.59

2 Yuriko Kobayashi Toyota Wellness 4:12.11

3 Lindsey Gallo Reebok 4:13.03

4 Dacia Barr Arkansas 4:13.77

5 Sara Hall Asics 4:14.15

6 Amy Mortimer Reebok 4:15.21

7 Lauren Centrowitz Stanford 4:16.13

8 Nicole Edwards Michigan 4:17.06

9 Nanae Kuwashiro Acom 4:17.30

10 Jordan Hasay Unattached 4:17.46

11 Julia Howard Nike 4:18.20

12 Alicia Follmar Stanford 4:21.25

13 Mary Jayne Reeves Otc Elite 4:22.76

Kelly Strong Asics DNF

Diane Cummins Unattached DNF