This was Hannah at the Mango 5K in Hawaii

Meet Hannah Stickney who is 9 years old and goes to Powell Valley Elementary in Gresham, Oregon. She has run several 5k's, one 10k, and will be competing in the Track Town Youth League series in June. Hannah hopes that she will qualify for the championship meet at Hayward Field during the Olympic Trials.


Hi, I'm Hannah. I started running with my dad last March when I was 8 years old. We signed up to run a 5k called Mom-a-thon.  There were quite a few people there, and I ended up first place in my age division. I ran this 5k in about 26 minutes.  It was the first time I competed in something with my dad and I loved it!  We started running a few times a week, about a 3-mile run each time. 


Then in April we signed up for the Race for Roses 5k. This was a much bigger race!  I ended up getting first place in my age division again. I was still 8 years old!  We ran a few more 5ks last year and the start of this year-Race for the Cure, Mango Days (in Hawaii!), Worst Day of the Year, Hop Hop Half-and in every one I got first place for my division.   


After this year's Mom-a-thon in March I decided I wanted to run a 10k for the Race for the Roses, which was the same day as my 9th birthday.  Yes, for my 9th birthday all I wanted to do was run my first 10k. Weird, huh?  My mom was freaking out that the few weeks we had to train to increase from a 5k to a 10k was not long enough. My dad told her to chill; we both knew we could do it.  I got sick and couldn't train as much as we wanted to, but I was still determined. On April 17, 2016 we arrived at the Portland Convention Center bright and early. I had run 5.6 miles as my longest and felt like I could easily do the 6.2 of the 10k. When we were running, a lady I passed asked me if she could have my autograph. I thought it was funny.  


When we crossed the finish line I was barely even tired.  My mom said she thought it looked like I was the youngest 10k runner to come in so far.  My time official time was 55:41. I got 1st place in my age division, 4th in 24 and under female, 144 out of 572 runners, 56 out of 381 females. I averaged 8:58 miles. I was really proud of myself! I like running 10k more than 5 because they're longer.  


Now I'm going to try something new again, the 1500 race for Track Town Youth. I think I'll just need to sprint a about a mile. I feel like I can do this.  My dad and I are going to practice at the high school by our house. I think it would be super cool to place and get to go to Eugene to run. I hope I do!

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