Greater Louisville Invitational

Sat.   10/5/13     E P Tom Sawyer Park Ky.  5K


Another edition of this meet, which features both collegiate and prep runners, had the benefit of decent weather in spite of ominous skies.   Although there was an impressive downpour the night before the course was in good condition.   The rain even held off for the most part before really letting loose after the last race.    As it was, although it was obviously humid, the temperature was pleasant and it was a pleasant day for run.  

The race for high school girls came late on the schedule but the earliest finishers were able to beat the light ran, which fell towards the race’s end.   Kaitlyn Lacy of Louisville M. held a slight lead after a quarter mile, as the runners began their tour of the course and a lead pack began to emerge.   Included in that group were Sophia Racette of Nerinx Hall, Sarah Billingsley of Oldenburg Academy, Caroline Grogan of Oldham County, Courtney Rogers of Lutheran & Sierra Poppell of Bullitt East.

Sarah Billingsley held the lead at the mile, which was traversed in a modest 5:50.  Right behind her loomed Sophia Racette and Caroline Grogan.  Courtney Rogers ran alone in forth about fifteen meters back, while the rest were fairly spread as they followed.  Megan Smith of Danville remained in moderate contention as did Sierra Poppell and Kaitlyn Lacy.

The 4K mark was reached in 11:14 and by that time the race had come down to just Sophia Racette and Caroline Grogan.  Sarah Billingsley was forced to run by herself in third.   Fans seemed to be anticipated one of the leaders to make a break but it failed to happen and, as they head into the homestretch the pair were still in close procession.  Still in the end Racette had a little bit more in reserve & she opened a slight lead as they entered the final straight.   By the time she entered the chute she finally had opened a gap and her winning time was 18:25.  

Caroline Grogan was timed in 18:28 in second and Sarah Billingsley was the only other runner to break nineteen minutes with her time being 18:48.   Courtney Rogers earned fourth 19:07 and Katie Anderson closed well to take fifth in19:09.  Maddox Patterson of Sayre, who had been a bit back early, garnered sixth in 19:17 to edge Caroline Gossett by a second.    Megan Smith finished seventh in 19:27 nipping Caroline Hass of South Warren, who shared the same time.  Karly Gawarecki of Holy Cross took tenth in 19:32 with Sierra Poppell getting eleventh in 19:37.   Kaitlyn Lacy rounded out the first dozen runners with her time of 19:39.

Jonathan Taylor of Portland Christian added to the trophy he won at the Rumble through the Jungle by winning with a time of 16:08.   It had to have been a bit of vindication after an off day at Trinity Valkyrie the week before.    Bret Crawford of Grayson County placed second with a time of 16:17 giving him a three second margin over Chase Geary of Muhlenberg County.   Fourth went to Tristan Durbin of Apollo, who ran 16:23 and Holden Wells of Eastern was fifth with 16:33.   Keith Prive was a second back in sixth, while it took only another second for Adam Sandidge of LaRue Country to claim seventh. Eighth went to Nicholas Waltman of Sayre in 16:40 just clipping Trevor Shearer of Wayne County, who finished ninth.  Tyler Lega of Oldham was the tenth in 16:41 and Missouri was represented by the eleventh place finish of Parker Schultz of Clayton in 16:42.   That time was shared by twelfth place finisher Mason Blevins of Pulaski County.