Members of the Newton Flyers track club who qualified for nationals. Qualifiers include Kalli Anderson, Jaeden Cochran, Desiray Kernal, Rebecca Raymundo, Maggie Remsberg, Parker Schroeder, Logan Stucky, Corey Guest, Simon Hodge, Jerik Ochoa, Ryan Stucky and Jonah Remsberg. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Members of the Newton Flyers track and field club will send 12 athletes to the AAU Junior Olympic Nationals June 28 through Aug. 2 at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.
The Flyers had a total of 45 athletes compete this summer.
The top eight athletes in track events, top five in field events and top four relay teams at the Region 16 AAU qualifier advanced to nationals.
National qualifiers for the Flyers, and their finish at regionals, are listed below:
Kalli Anderson: 3rd 100-m., 2nd 200-m., 1st 4x100 relay.
Jaeden Cochran: 5th shot put, 5th javelin.
Desiray Kernal: 2nd 100-m. hurdles, 3rd 200-m. hurdles, 1st javelin, 1st 4x100 relay.
Rebecca Raymundo: 4th 100-m. hurdles, 4th 200-m. hurdles.
Maggie Remsberg: 1st 100-m. hurdles, 1st 200-m. hurdles, 1st long jump, 1st 4x100-m. relay.
Parker Schroeder: 7th 800-m., 2nd 1500-m.
Logan Stucky: 6th 100-m., 4th 200-m., 4th 400-m.
Corey Guest: 8th 400-m.
Simon Hodge: 2nd 800-m., 4th 1500-m.
Jerik Ochoa: 1st 100-m. hurdles, 1st 200-m. hurdles.
Ryan Stucky: 7th 100-m., 4th 200-m., 4th 400-m.
Jonah Remsberg: 5th long jump.