Fiona is a high school blogger for Youth Runer Magazine

Can’t figure out what to get a friend, relative, or teammate for the holidays? Check out my gift guide for ideas and inspiration.

We'd love to hear your gift ideas! Please comment below and tell us what gifts you'd like this year.

1. Nike sweatpants

They may seem pricey, but they’re definitely worth it when you’re stuck outside for a practice in the snow.

Nike, $55

2. Reflective headband


This headband multitasks: it helps you stay safe during night runs and keep your ears warm.

Nike, $18

3. Beard hat

It's the perfect winter gift for a goofy friend or teammate.

Vat19, $35

4. Texting gloves

The tips of the gloves are screen-sensitive, so you don't have to take off your gloves to answer your phone.

Nike, $25

5. Long socks

Cozy socks are a must for cold runs, and the bright colors help you stand out.

Reebok, $8

6. Rollers

This roller is perfect for working out sore muscles.

Trigger Point, $37.95

7. Fitbit

This is a great gift for a runner who likes to keep detailed records of their workouts.

Fitbit, $100

8. Slides


They're easy to wear to both school and practice, and the massaging beads feel especially great after a race.

Adidas, $30

9. Camelbak

Camelbaks are popular among runners because they’re durable and won’t spill.

Camelbak, $16

10. Colorful windbreaker

It helps shield you from the wind and look good at the same time.

Nike, $110


What's on your wish list this year? Any ideas for us?  Please add your comments below.