Our friends at Coach O held a contest for best Father's Day Photos. Here are the winners.

Winner: Athlete and Father
Coach Eric Allen 

This is a photo of Coach Eric Allen and his three sons. From left to right they are: Eric Allen Jr. , Austin Allen, and Ashton Allen. 

I am submitting this photo on behalf of the boys who were very excited about doing this for their dad. 
Coach Eric started i5 Elite Track Club in Odenton, MD with his wife Antoinette Allen and is currently the head coach. 
They are great people and their kids are amazing athletes.

Nomiated By:
Adrian Hood Sr. 
i5 Elite Team Photographer.


Winner: Athlete and Coach
Willie I. Luke, Jr.

My name is Shaunette Luke.  I am submitting this photo of my husband, Willie and a Tampa Bay Titan Athlete and a Newsome High School Athlete.  Willie dedicates many hours as a Parent Coach to the Phase 1 Track Club in Riverview, Florida, where our daughters’ participate.  Willie also Coaches The Tampa Bay Titans Girls and Boys Track Team on a voluntary basis, devoting much of his time to the success of athletes that have the determination to get to the next level of track and field.  Often times, he provides transportation, food, water and gatorade out of his own pocket to make sure that every child has adequate nutrition to fuel their bodies while they compete.

A parent for the Newsome High School Athlete sent this photo to me and captioned it: “No matter what team Coach Luke coaches, he is always concerned for ALL athletes”.  In this photo, Willie is seen helping one of his own athletes from the finish line, he saw another athlete in the fetal position trying to catch his breath at the finish line, not only did he acknowledge the athlete’s coach walk right by the athlete, he took the time to pick the young man up and walk him and his athlete off the track and over to their team tent.   This to me shows the love and compassion for not only the sport of track but for the overall well being and recovery of EVERY athletes he meets.  He roots for the “last man” in the race just as if it was his own child to encourage the athlete not to give up and to cross the finish line.  This is the perfect way to honor a wonderful man of his stature and his outstanding sportsmanship.