Citibank: Every Step of the Way, Meb Keflezighi, video from Citi, notes by Larry Eder


Meb Keflezighi is a three time Olympian, twice in the marathon and once at 10,000 meters. After the 2008 Olympic Trials, Meb was in such bad shape, that he was concerned about his ability to walk without a limp, much less run. Meb is the American dream.

One of ten brothers and sisters, Meb moved to the US at the tender age of 12, and started running in junior high. After high school, where he showed his promise, Meb went to UCLA. Under the watchful eye of Coach Bob Larson, Meb and Coach Bob have worked together for nineteen years. Larson, one of the most talented of our distance coaches, works with Meb Keflezighi, one of our most talented distance runners. Meb's Olympic silver medal was first U.S. marathon medal since 1976.

Meb's victory in January 2012 was the biggest gamble of his career, and Meb has taken a few. Bob Larson and Meb Keflezighi prepared for five and one half weeks for the Olympic Trials. With the help of the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Meb was able to get his body to where he needed it on January 14, 2012, and, well, you know the rest of this story.

Meb has just finished touring the US for Citibank, for their Every Step of the Way program. Citibank is donating $500,000 or 50 Million Citi Thank You points to various non-profit causes that  13 Olympians such as Meb and Sanya Richards-Ross have elected as their supporting activity. You, the consumer and Olympic fan, get to determine to which cause the money goes!

Meb is just a good guy. I have been privileged to watch Meb make his 2000 Olympic team, win his 2004 Olympic medal and win the 2008 Trials. The most emotional moment for me, was watching Meb break Mark Nenow's epic 10,000m AR, which Meb broke in 2001. That record stood for nine years. For twenty-five laps around the Cobb Track & Angell Field at Stanford, Meb dueled with some of the best athletes in the world, and he was superb.

We spoke to Meb last week, and he was heading home, for ten weeks of training. Look for him to show up at the Trials for a bit and also to run a half marathon in July. He is a championship runner, his psyche is geared for those events, and the technical course of the London Olympic marathon is a gift from heaven for Meb.

Learn more at It is a tremendous program, and Citbank is doing something really nice in recognizing the athletes, their Olympic drive and the opportunity to do something good for your community by supporting your favorite athlete!

Remember, take the time to check out You want to make Meb happy, don't you?