Espen time for bed, Espen time for school, Espen is your homework done, Espen time for running practice, Espen time for soccer, Espen time for basketball.  Being an active kid is a tough job.  Juggling multiple sports can be a bit overwhelming at times, not only sport but school, chores, family, friends, church and taking care of my pets.  How can you balance everything all the time and try and remember to still be a kid and goof off and have fun?

            I have learned it is a lot of fun to be involved with as much as I can, but it also takes a lot out of you.  You have to learn to set priorities and more importantly remember that if you make a commitment, you need to find a way to follow through.  Sports are a very important part of my life, however sports are a privilege that I earn by taking care of my grades first.  To make sure I have time for practices and games, I make sure the first thing I do when I get home from school is my homework and studying.  This means Friday also, since most of my sports and fun time happens on the weekend.  After school comes my chores, family which usually means helping my little sisters with everything, church and taking care of my cats Coco and Butters. 

            For sports, I run most of the year with a couple months off in the winter and usually a few weeks off after summer track season to recover.  In addition to running, I play travel soccer in the spring and fall and travel basketball in the winter.  For soccer and basketball I usually have practice twice a week and at least one game a week, unless there is a tournament which means I could have several games over a weekend.  For running I only practice 3 days a week and compete in a race usually a couple times a month.  Typically my running practices are quick, so we get the most out of them in the shortest amount of time by focusing on key workouts and intervals and never do junk miles.  Typical running practices are a few miles on the track with several 200 meter intervals in the middle or a few miles on the cross country course with several hill repeats mixed in.  I try to be the best I can at everything I do, which means making my practice time count and finding those extra few minutes during the week to get in a little more work.  When I find free time, I make sure I go down to our basement to work on dribbling, go outside to work on soccer drills, get in a few shots on the basketball hoop, or take a few minutes to stretch and do core work. 

            Although all this sounds a little overwhelming and it can be at times, with the right balance, priority and goal setting, I find it is very easy to keep up and have fun.  I still find a lot of free time to hang out with friends and just goof off being a kid or spend time with my family.  Thankfully most of my friends are just as active as I am and in most of the same sports but most importantly, I would never be able to accomplish everything without great parents that are just as active as I am.