Englewood athletes earned seven first-place finishes Sunday at the NJ Striders Track and Field meet in Fair Lawn that drew some 800 youth participants ages 7 to 15 from more than 20 area junior track and field teams.

Englewood athletes won events ranging from the shot put to the triple jump, but truly shined on the track, racking up 13 top-three finishes in running events.

Eight Englewood boys placed top-six in at least two events, five finished top-six in at least three and two Englewood teens competing in the 13-14 year-old division placed top-six in a remarkable four events.

Alijah Jackson took first in the 100-meter dash, 400-meter dash, triple jump and fifth in the long jump, while Quanzie Lumsden took second in the 200-meter hurdles, third in the 100-meter hurdles and fourth in the 100-meter dash and long jump.

Jackson and Jarelle Robinson, who took first in the 100-meter and 400-meter dashes for the 9-10 age group, were the only Englewood athletes who won multiple events.

Many of the athletes who competed Sunday will return to the track in two weeks for a Junior Olympics preliminary in Rutherford. Athletes who perform well at the Rutherford qualifier could move on to States, Regionals and eventually Junior Olympic Nationals.

Below is a complete list of top-6 finishers in events that had more than 12 participants, top-3 finishers in events with between 6-12 participants and winners of events with fewer than six participants:


9-10 Division

Gionna Dudley-Langston - 2nd in 100-meter dash

11-12 Division

Camille Williams - 5th in turbo javelin

15-16 Division

Shafarah Dixon - 3rd in 400-meter dash


9-10 Division

Jarelle Robinson - 1st in 100-meter dash; 1st in 400-meter dash

Donovan Anderson - 2nd in long jump; 2nd in 400-meter dash; 3rd in 100-meter dash

Daylan Wright-Wilson - 6th in 400-meter dash

Michael Singleton - 1st in shot put

13-14 Division

Alijah Jackson - 1st in 100-meter dash; 1st in 400-meter dash; 1st in triple jump; 5th in long jump

Quanzie Lumsden - 2nd in 200-meter hurdles; 3rd in 100-meter hurdles; 4th in 100-meter dash; 4th in long jump

Jai’Lris Crawford - 5th in 100-meter hurdles; 5th in 200-meter hurdles; 6th in 100-meter dash

Kyle Izzard - 4th in 400-meter dash; 6th in 100-meter dash

Andrew Norman, Jr. - 1st in 100-meter hurdles; 4th in 200-meter hurdles

Malachi McFadden - 2nd in 100-meter hurdles; 3rd in 200-meter hurdles; 3rd in long jump

Aree Booker II - 6th in 200-meter hurdles

Shahee Bailey - 2nd in long jump