Hello All,

We all know that Track season is approaching fast. As my coach says, it's never too late to start running. I began to run every day this week. I'm keeping a log of how far I run, how long I run for, and how I feel. I highly recommend this so you can see how you've improved mentally and physically before track.

My Log:

January 26th:

3.04 Miles

30:00 Minutes

It felt very good. I started out slow and finished fast. I felt very energetic and strong.


January 27th:

2.00 Miles

22:02 Minutes

I felt a little tired and sore. I managed to pull through, but I had to cut my run short due to an event. I felt tired this morning though from the run.


January 28th:

2.50 Miles

26:05 Minutes

I was very tired, and I felt slow. I planned to run 3 miles, but I was struggling after 2 miles. 


I hope everyone has a great rest of their week, and remember that it is never too late to start running!