Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 was my last Cross Country race ever!  

I had very mixed emotions entering this race. I ran Varsity 2. This race was designed for the top 12 JV runners from every team. Going into this race, I'll admit that I didn't have a specific goal. But, I did have a want, I wanted to finish and collapse. I have a fear of finishing my last race and leaving with regrets. 

The gun went off, and I started slower, because I tend to do well when I start slower. I spent the first lap trying to ease into the top pack. I achieved that, however I was noticeably tired.

The entire season, I have had a stomach acid imbalance issue. I get very nauseous during races, and it's similar to the feeling of having the stomach flu. I started to get this feeling halfway through the second lap. It is nearly impossible to run faster, because it's very uncomfortable and very painful.

I tried my best, but I fell back quite a bit. I struggled for half the race to speed up. The last 1,000 meters I started to speed up. I had to finish this race strong. The last 400, I consciously sped up, because I wanted to finish and collapse in exhaustion. I got to the last 100 meters, and I began to sprint. I ran as fast as I could. I could feel my stomach lurching. 

When I hit the finish line, I fell over and collapsed in exhaustion. I was disappointed with how I did, but I knew I fought hard. 

As I left the meet, I was filled with sadness and happiness. I knew that I had fought hard, it had been a hard season, but the overall Cross Country experience has added nothing but positivity to my life.

This sport has made me stronger, kinder, happier, and a better overall person. I couldn't be happy, that I decided to do Cross Country all four years.


Congratulations to everyone who had Districts this week, I hope everyone had a great season! Thanks for everything!