​I am the first girl in the Lake O shirt, with the pink shoes!

Here is an update with track season:

Today, which is a Wednesday, Lake Oswego traveled to Tualatin high school for a duel meet. I was only running the 1500 meters, due to shin pain, which is now going away. As I approached the starting line, I had one thing on my mind.

"Don't let the third lap kill you."

Every 1500 meter runner knows that the third lap can MAKE or BREAK you! As I came into the third lap, I held my pace, and pushed away all of those negative thoughts.

I find it amazing that telling yourself to "Run!" works very well. It distracts you!

I told myself to, "Shut up and Run!"

As I entered the fourth lap, a familiar feeling came to me. The feeling that I get during the third lap, and I realized that I had a new problem upon me. I need to figure out how to run through the third lap, while still having some steam left for the fourth lap. Sadly, I didn't PR, I scrambled throughout the entire fourth lap.

In my six years of running, I've realized that running is a really great way of finding yourself. You make many mistakes, meet incredible people, and you work your tail off. Next meet, my goal is to run through the third lap, keep some steam for the fourth, and finish hard in the last 100 meters. I also want to break my season PR, 5:48.

I hope everyone is having a great start of track season!