This is Emma.

I had an amazing week of competing,


That's me 2nd from the left running in the DMR at Oregon Relays  Photo by: Klotz Images


The first big event was my team's duel meet against grant.

If you haven't already heard of the Donaghu sisters then you are not up on your running education. They are two very fast sisters who go to Grant High school. For me, Ella who is sophomore, was the person I was most nervous about running against. My time for the 1500 meters is 5:20. Her time is roughly 4:30. This is very fast. My entire distance team knew that we virtually had no chance of beating her. We wanted to win the meet with a burning passion. I was going to run varsity for this meet. The day of the meet I focused on telling myself that my job was to run my own race and let Ella do her own thing. I arrived at the meet and I found out that Ella wasn't competing do to Oregon Relays. I immediately started thinking much more positively. My new goal was to get top 5. The race started and I really tried to push myself. I usually go to the front and then I fall back. But, I stayed in front and got 3rd. In the 3k, I nearly broke 12 min. My point is that if you're running against someone that is hard competition, don't focus on the fact that you aren't going to win or do well. Focus on the point that you're going to feel pushed to run faster. You're going to do well. Stay positive and don't be afraid of failure. Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Run your own race and do your thing.


Oregon Relays

Last weekend, I received an amazing opportunity to run at Oregon Relays at Hayward Field. Hayward Field is legendary. I ran the DMR, the 1200 meter leg. My team was seated 23 out of 24 teams. I ran at this meet freshman year and I was very unaware at how fast paced this meet is. This year I was ready. I went out slower and booked my last two laps. My team all together finished 15th. But what I remember from this meet is not just the amazing competition but all the memories I created during this meet. I got to know some of my team mates and I had 12 subway sandwiches. If you ever get the opportunity to go to a big invitational, don't say no. They are so fun, memorable, and people usually run great times. Also, if you're seated bad prove that you're better than that. My teams goal was to do exactly that and we did. 


Yesterday at West Linn

I was feeling very sluggish at my meet yesterday. I only ran the 1500 and the 400, which I hadn't ran since 7th grade. Before the 1500 one of my team mates said they heard music. The song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams was playing on my phone. This is my favorite song. It's very positive and always makes me happy. I turned it up and my distance team and I had a dance session. It pumped all of us up and made us excited for the race. If you like music, find a song that can pump you up no matter what and play it before your race. "Happy" pumped me up and made me excited to run. I made an amazing memory with my Distance ladies by playing a song before our race. My 400 also went very fast. I ran it in 70 seconds. I pushed myself and I hope I can run the 400 again soon. Remember to have fun at track meets and challenge yourself. If that means dancing like a lunatic and running an event that you haven't ran since 7th grade then so be it. I definitely had a memorable track meet yesterday.