Districts took place yesterday at Lakeridge High School. I was scheduled to run the 1500 and 800. When I arrived I saw that I was seeded to win the 1500 but there was a girl that was a couple seconds slower then me. This made me very nervous. I warmed up and my nerves only got worse. Both my coaches told me that they wanted me to win. My goal was to run a 5:15 and win. The race started and I got an early lead. There was wind on the backstretch which made it tough. I imagined that someone was right behind me and the last lag I progressed. By the last 100 I was full out sprinting. My fear was that the girl would pass me in the last 50 meters. I pushed as hard as I could. I remember feeling myself falling forward and when I went across the finish line my body collapsed. All of the sudden five people were grabbing me. They were all my team mates. They were cheering and hugging me. Then my coach told me I ran a 5:10. I will never forget this moment. I might have screamed and cheered. I have been trying to break 5:20 this entire season and to finally break it was absolutely amazing. I continued to get high fives for the rest of the meet. I'm still happy and excited about it. I will never forget this moment. In the 800, my fellow competitor beat me. She is a great friend of mine. Honestly, I'm really proud of her because she has worked her tail off this season and to see it finally help her was amazing. Now, I'm focusing on XC and what I can do to improve my time. My goal for next year track season is to break 5:00. It will be hard but when you put your mind to it, you can do anything. I hope everyone had/has a great districts and season. I know I did.

Have a great day!