During spring break, I traveled to Florida. The flattest and most humid state that I have ever been to. I was running there one day. Being from Oregon, I'm not used to running in extreme heat and humidity. I was struggling a little bit. Out of nowhere a biker gave me a thumbs up and yelled "great job." To him this probably didn't seem like anything, but for me I received a huge wake up call. When you're doing anything hard and an absolute stranger gives you positive feedback or encouragement it feels even better then taking it from someone you know. The next time you're running or doing anything and you see someone that might be having a hard time, don't be shy! Tell them that you noticed that they're working hard! Even if it seems like nothing to you, you are helping them in more ways then you think.


Also, if you're at a track meet or any kind of sporting event competing wish everyone good luck, not just the people who are on your team. When you're at the starting line tell your fellow competitors good luck and that you hope they have a great race. This way you earn their respect and you represent your school in a good way. Also when you're cheering for people, don't cheer for your friends, cheer for people from other schools. It's all about being kind and showing support for everyone that you're spending time with. Cheer for strangers, fellow competitors, and try your best!


Hope everyone enjoyed/is enjoying/is looking forward to their break!