Eleven national records fall on final two days of Junior Nationals

BALTIMORE, Md. - Each athlete was determined to make the record books as 11 records fell on the final two days of competition at the USA Track & Field National Junior Olympic Championships. Competition concluded Sunday at W.A.C. Hughes Stadium on the campus of Morgan State University. The 11 additional records brings the total number to 20 records that fell during the Junior Olympic Championships as the Sub-Bantam Girls 4x100m bettered that record for the second time in competition.

Six national records fell on Saturday in an array of events. The first national record was broken by Azariyah Bryant (Moe Hills) in the Sub-Bantam Girls long jump when she leaped 3.73m/12-03. Bryant had to hold off a strong five other competitors who all broke the national record as well. Dylan Carter soon followed in the Bantam Boys shot put with a throw of 13.40m/43-11.75. Carter threw an astounding three meters more than his nearest competitor and broke the national record by almost an entire meter.

Other national record breakers included Sub-Bantam Boy Nathan Leacock (Jr Stride) in the 200m running a time of 28.65 and Sub-Bantam Girls 800m runnerLucea Wright (Los Angeles Jets) with a record time of 2:38.26. Kendrick Law in the Sub-Bantam Boys long jump also came away with a national record to his name. Law (SPARR Track Club) jumped 4.46m/14-7.75 to capture the record and first place crown.The last national record of the day fell to the Bantam Girls 4x100m Relay ofMiramar Optimist Track Club. Team members Jada Bell, Myrka Cadet, Amaya Strange and Briana Williams ran 52.91 to cap off the day.

The final day of competition concluded on Sunday with five new national records set. The first record fell to Sub-Bantam Boys shot putterAngelo Allen who threw 8.39m/27-06.50 to win the event. Angelo had to battle for the title and record with Aaron Session (Excelerators TC) who also broke the national record with his throw of 8.11m/26-07.25.

Other national record breakers included Dashana Morris in the Sub-Bantam Girls 1,500m (5:32.33), Quenee Dale in the Intermediate Girls 100m Hurdles (13.80), Kaylin Whitney in the Youth Girls 100m (11.59) and the Carolina Elite Track and Field team in the Sub-Bantam Boys 4x400m Relay (4:52.00). The relay team consisted of members Anthony Vincent, Byrum Brown, Silas Demary and Kailen Perry.

Many junior olympic meet records were also broken on the way to achieving the 20 total national records with many athletes grabbing more than one national championship. One particular athlete succeeded in setting a record number of national championships to his name.

Youth Boy Denzel Harper (Quicksilver Track Club) concluded his Junior Olympic week with not only two national championships but five individual national titles to his name. Harper is the first individual at the Junior Olympics to win five individual events. Earlier in the week Harper took home the Youth Boy Pentathlon title with 3,061 points. Harper went on to win titles in the long jump (6.45m/21-02), triple jump (12.91m/42-04.25), 100m hurdles (13.71) and 200m hurdles (25.01).

Winners from Saturday’s events include:
Sub-Bantam Girls Long Jump: Azariyah Bryant (3.73mN/12-03.00)
Midget Boys Long Jump: Jordan Baylis (5.39m/17-08.25)
Young Men High Jump: Dakarai Hightower (2.21m/7-03.00)
Intermediate Girls Discus: Ashlie Blake (46.13m/151-04)
Young Women Javelin: Nicolle Murphy (45.67m/149-10)
Midget Girls 3,000m: Mariah Moro (10:45.01)
Midget Boys 3,000m: Coleman Mitchell (9:57.85)
Intermediate Boys Pole Vault: Eric Fox (4.45m/14-07.25)
Bantam Girls Shot Put: Larri Sydnor (8.67m/28-05.50)
Bantam Boys Shot Put: Dylan Carter (13.40mN/43-11.75)
Youth Girls 3,000m: Julia Bounds (10:10.43)
Youth Boys 3,000m: Jacob Ogden (9:08.51)
Intermediate Girls 3,000m: Katie Lembo (10:11.84)
Young Women 3,000m: Carravit Pape-Calabrese (11:00.80)
Sub-Bantam Girls 200m: Azariyah Bryant (30.02)
Sub-Bantam Boys 200m: Nathan Leacock (28.65N)
Bantam Girls 200m: Jordan Sales (27.00)
Bantam Boys 200m: Willie Washington (25.97)
Midget Girls 200m: Eliza Brooks (24.89)
Midget Boys 200m: Jordan Byrd (23.64)
Youth Girls 200m: Kaylin Whitney (23.41J)
Youth Boys 200m: Tarrik Brock (22.22)
Intermediate Girls 200m: Brionna Thomas (23.67)
Intermediate Boys 200m: Kenzo Cotton (21.27)
Young Women 200m: Felicia Brown (23.62)
Young Men 200m: Aldrich Bailey (20.78)
Sub-Bantam Girls 800m: Lucea Wright (2:38.26N)
Sub-Bantam Boys 800m: Rheinhardt Harrison (2:39.01)
Bantam Girls 800m: Royal Delay (2:27.79)
Bantam Boys 800m: Stanley St-Fleur (2:21.60)
Midget Girls 800m: Lauren Turner (2:23.28)
Midget Boys 800m: Terry Simuel (2:12.07)
Youth Girls 800m: Gabrielle Wilkinson (2:12.89)
Youth Boys 800m: William Wicks (2:03.04)
Intermediate Girls 800m: Kaley Ciluffo (2:10.34)
Intermediate Boys 800m: Drake Gauthier (1:54.64)
Young Women 800m: Dhiaa Dean (2:12.38)
Young Men 800m: Charles Jones (1:50.03)
Young Women High Jump: Emily Godwin (1.75m/5-8.75)
Midget Boys Discus: Eric Werner (32.42m/106-04)
Young Men Javelin: Phillip Ragan (60.67m/199-00)
Girls 800 Wheelchair: Emily Brust (2:51.05)
Boys 800 Wheelchair: Mark Braun (1:56.94J)
Girls 800 Ambulatory: Bridget Reiffert (2:48.53J)
Boys 800m Ambulatory: Michael Brannigan (2:02.22J)
Sub-Bantam Boys Long Jump: Kendrick Law (4.46mN/14-7.75)
Midget Girls Long Jump: Taylor Sutton (4.92m/16-1;75)
Sub-Bantam Girls 4x100m Relay: Valley United Track Club (1:01.15)
Sub-Bantam Boys 4x100m Relay: Valley United Track Club (59.31)
Bantam Girls 4x100m Relay: Miramar Optimist Track Club (52.91N)
Bantam Boys 4x100m Relay: Vegas Speed (53.74)
Midget Girls 4x100m Relay: Imani Speedcity Compton (51.13)
Midget Boys 4x100m Relay: Valley United Track Club (49.07)
Youth Girls 4x100m Relay: Tachyon Track Club (48.59)
Youth Boys 4x100m Relay: Valley United Track Club (44.26)
Intermediate Girls 4x100m Relay: Fort Wayne Express Track Club (46.48)
Intermediate Boys 4x100m Relay: Hallmark Track Club (42.42)
Young Women 4x100m Relay: Glenarden Track Club (45.46)
Young Men 4x100m Relay: Track Houston Youth Track Club (40.38)

Winners from Sunday’s events include:
Bantam Girls Long Jump: Lashanti Williams (4.60m/15-01.25)
Bantam Boys Long Jump: Angelo Grose (4.75m/15-07.00)
Intermediate Boys High Jump: Kai Shean (2.00m/6-6.75)
Sub-Bantam Boys Shot Put: Angelo Allen (8.39mN/27-06.50)
Midget Girls Discus: Alexis Clark (30.50m/100-01)
Intermediate Girls Javelin: Karen Bulger (41.38m/135-09)
Sub-Bantam Girls 400m: Sydney Holden (1:11.99)
Sub-Bantam Boys 400m: Nathan Leacock (1:07.06J)
Bantam Girls 400m: Amarachukwuu Onyeukwu (1:03.08)
Bantam Boys 400m: Tyler Mapson (59.15)
Midget Girls 400m: Asiah Fields (58.79)
Midget Boys 400m: Nicholas Eggleston (55.56)
Youth Girls 400m: Lynna Irby (54.58)
Youth Boys 400m: Dominic Smith (50.37)
Intermediate Girls 400m: Aliyah Abrams (53.78)
Intermediate Boys 400m: Eric Ways (48.39)
Young Women 400m: Kendall Baisden (53.90)
Young Men 400m: Marcus Chambers (46.18)
Sub-Bantam Girls 1,500m: Dashana Morris (5:32.33N)
Sub-Bantam Boys 1,500m: Joshua Dalgetty (5:24.83)
Bantam Girls 1,500m: Athing Mu (5:09.33)
Bantam Boys 1,500m: David Bellefleur (4:53.07)
Midget Girls 1,500m: Janiah Brown (4:53.76)
Midget Boys 1,500m: Coleman Mitchell (4:22.05)
Young Men Pole Vault: Conner Foxworth (4.85m/15-11J)
Intermediate Boys 110m Hurdles: Isaiah Moore (14.07)
Young Men 110m Hurdles: Kyle Smith (14.18)
Youth Girls 100m Hurdles: Ashley Miller (14.15)
Youth Boys 100m Hurdles: Denzel Harper (13.71)
Intermediate Girls 100m Hurdles: Quenee Dale (13.80N)
Young Women 100m Hurdles: Daje Pugh (13.61)
Midget Girls 80m Hurdles: Jada Hicks (11.93)
Midget Boys 80m Hurdles: Jaiden Woodbey (12.08)
Sub-Bantam Girls 100m: Azariyah Bryant (14.75)
Sub-Bantam Boys 100m: Croix Stewart (13.91)
Bantam Girls 100m: Briana Williams (13.27)
Bantam Boys 100m: Willie Washington (12.80)
Midget Girls 100m: Eliza Brooks (12.58)
Midget Boys 100m: Jordan Byrd (11.79)
Youth Girls 100m: Kaylin Whitney (11.59N)
Youth Boys 100m: Tarrik Brock (11.20)
Intermediate Girls 100m: Brionna Thomas (12.03)
Intermediate Boys 100m: Kenzo Cotton (10.71)
Young Women 100m: Aaliyah Brown (11.56)
Young Men 100m: Aldrich Bailey (10.44)
Intermediate Boys 400m Hurdles: John Lint (54.16)
Young Men 400m Hurdles: Desmond Palmer (51.59)
Youth Girls Discus: Katelyn Gochenour (38.16m/125-02)
Intermediate Boys Javelin: Christopher Mirabelli (57.53m/188-09)
Intermediate Girls 400m Hurdles: Khadejah Jackson (1:01.14)
Young Women 400m Hurdles: Shamier Little (59.45)
Youth Girls 200m Hurdles: Cha'Mia Rothwell (27.72)
Youth Boys 200m Hurdles: Denzel Harper (25.01)
Youth Girls 1,500m: Danae Rivers (4:37.41)
Youth Boys 1,500m: Jacob Ogden (4:12.38)
Intermediate Girls 1,500m: Rebekah Topham (4:37.53)
Intermediate Boys 1,500m: Shane Streich (3:58.17)
Young Women 1,500m: Laura Yarrow (4:36.87)
Young Men 1,500m: Spencer Haik (3:59.17)
Sub-Bantam Girls 4x400m Relay: Los Angeles Jets Track Club (4:58.56J)
Sub-Bantam Boys 4x400m Relay: Carolina Elite Track And Field (4:52.00N)
Bantam Girls 4x400m Relay: Do Right Educational Sports (4:26.06)
Bantam Boys 4x400m Relay: Vegas Speed (4:12.13)
Midget Girls 4x400m Relay: Track 7-5-7 Track Club (4:03.75)
Midget Boys 4x400m Relay: Valley United Track Club (3:53.25)
Youth Girls 4x400m Relay: Los Angeles Jets Track Club (3:53.77)
Youth Boys 4x400m Relay: Track Houston Youth Track Club (3:27.81)
Intermediate Girls 4x400m Relay: Titans Track Club (3:43.83)
Intermediate Boys 4x400m Relay: Carolina Allstars (3:20.08)
Young Women 4x400m Relay: Glenarden Track Club (3:41.3)
Young Men 4x400m Relay: Track Express Track Club (3:07.64)

Complete results from the entire competition can be foundhere.


Emily Pritt
Communications Intern
USA Track & Field