Dynasty McGee, back for another season and in the news again as she opened it up for a 58.73 400 meter indoors.

At the start of the race she was in lane 3 on a 4 lane track, she caught the girl in lane 4 in the first 20 meters so she was in front the whole race. At the cut in point she had a 10 meter lead. The college teams were rooting for the runners they had in the race. They were screaming and yelling so Dynasty knew they were close behind.

In the seond lap she turned it up and held on to the lead the rest of the way finishing the race strong. She was really nervous because the ladies were so much bigger than her....which made her run harder.

Dynasty's coach and dad Chinney said, The college kids were surpised to see her there, three girls on one team are from our hometown so the word got out on the track that an 8th grader was going to compete. I think the girls thought she was going to slow down but she didn't and when they realized it, it was too late. Her goal going into the race was to run a 57 but she didn't quite get that,  but she was happy that the time qualified her to run in the Nike Indoor Nationals.

  Name                          Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 McGee, Dynasty           HS Unattached           58.73   1
  2 Wilson, Krystle             SO Ferris                 1:00.38   1
  3 Robinson, Chandra         JR Ferris                 1:00.48   1
  4 James, Valarie              FR Grand Valley        1:05.43   2
  5 McGlothlin, Margot        SR Ferris                 1:05.78   1
  6 Thomas, Sarah             FR Ferris                 1:06.30   2
  7 Benavides, Hailey         SO Ferris                 1:10.66   2
  8 Woods, Jessica            SO Olivet College      1:13.15   2