Connor Cooper, recipient of the 2013 Junior Olympic Athlete of the Year Boys 9/10 Jump award. (Photo/Sandi King)

Connor Cooper, a 10-year-old Durban Avenue School student, was recently chosen as the recipient of the 2013 Junior Olympic Athlete of the Year Boys 9/10 Jump award. 

The award was bestowed on Connor by the Youth Athletics Committee of 
USA Track & Field New Jersey (USATF-NJ) at a banquet held last Saturday at the Pines Manor in Edison.

In determining the final winners, the Junior Olympic Athletes of the Year were selected by comparing their performances to Association standards; all athletes that met the standard are automatically considered for the award. The committee also looked at regional and national results and what they call the 'Body of Work' in coming to their decisions.

Connor had a strong 2013 Indoor and Outdoor season: He was ranked third in the country at the Indoor National Championship, and for the Outdoor season, Connor was first in the state of NJ, fifth in the region, and 27th nationally in the long jump at the USATF Junior Olympics held in Ypsilanti, Mich.

In 2014, Connor will move up to the age 11-12 category. In addition to his other athletic endeavors, he runs with the Morris County Track Club (MCTC).