Doctor Plotka’s Toothbrush is an antimicrobial Toothbrush made by Mouth Watchers. Initially, I found it strange I was being asked to review a toothbrush but I’m so grateful I learned about this product.

Now, I’m used to commercial toothbrushes, made by Oral B and such. Doctor Plotka’s is a complete different experience. It’s bristles are soft and when I brush, aren’t hard on my gums. The bristles also don’t fall out or stretch out. This one of the major problems I have with toothbrushes and causes me to get rid of them within 3 weeks.

I’ve used this toothbrush for about a week and a half, and it looks almost brand new. I also do believe that my mouth is cleaner because I don’t have to go further into my gums when I floss. This toothbrush already does most of that that work for me. Having braces myself, I find it crucial to find the perfect handheld toothbrush and I think it fits the job. The company offers a good selection of colors and even has power and travel folding toothbrushes.

It’s easy to toss one of these in an your overnight running meet bag and use. I highly recommend trying these toothbrushes and look forward to purchasing more from this company