Competitors race down the track at Dickson County High during the annual local Hershey's Track and Field event. DCHS will also host the district meet later this month.

Last Saturday was a near perfect day to be outside and for just over twenty athletes from Dickson County and the surrounding area, it was the perfect day to take their first step towards a championship in the Hershey’s Track & Field Games.

Boys and girls, ages 9-14, competed in the annual local Hershey’s Track & Field games at the soccer/track field in Dickson County High.

The series of summer track meets culminates with the 34th Annual Hershey’s North American Final Meet in August.

It was a good showing locally with the top three in each event moving on to the Hershey’s district meet on Saturday, June 11, during the Northwest Tennessee meet – also held at DCHS.

“We’d like to have a few more especially after last year when Springfield brought almost a full number for every event, so we’re trying to compete more with them,” Dickson County High track assistant coach,” Terry Edmondson said. “We wanted to get a few more out and hope to have even more participation next year.

“I think some of the kids get excited by the county wide meet (in May)…so this is just a way for them to further their careers and see what they can do at the next level.”

Former Dickson County High track standout Jeff Hoover and recent graduate of Lipscomb University saw a lot of himself in the young athletes competing in last Saturday’s meet at DCHS.

Hoover was on hand to help Coach Edmondson oversee events.

“This is about giving the kids an opportunity to enjoy something that meant so much to me.”

He earned a scholarship to run for the team at Lipscomb and ran all four years at the university.

Hoover was impressed with the level of talent he saw last Saturday, admitting that we was probably seeing some future Cougar and Lady Cougar track stars.

“Whether it’s football, basketball or track, I think these could be some future Cougars in the making,” Hoover said. “You run in almost every sport there is, so it may not be track. It may be soccer or baseball or football…but there is a lot of ability out here.”

The Hershey’s meets weren’t offered when he was younger, but Hover admits if it was, he would have signed up to compete.

This is the fifth DCHS hosted the Hershey’s event.

“Now we’ve got kids who are in high school who started here,” Coach Edmondson said.

The Hershey’s Track & Field Games is the largest youth sports program of its kind in the United States and Canada and has sponsored the summer series of thirty years.

The events include the softball throw and standing long jump for field events and the 50-meter dash up to the one-mile (depending on age) for track events.

Events take place in every state and most provinces in North America, and hundreds of athletes make it to the grand finale — the North American Final in Hershey, Penn.

For more information contact Terry Edmondson at 615-545-9024.

Boys 9-10 Softball Throw Trevon Rybka, Dickson, 103:08 (feet) Matthew Jackson, Dickson, 100:03 Rex Edmondson, Dickson, 71:04

Boys 9-10 50-meter Dash Matthew Jackson, Dickson, 9.98 (seconds) Trevon Rybka, Dickson, 9.43 Rex Edmondson, Dickson, 10.47

Boys 9-10 100-meter Dash Matthew Jackson, Dickson, 17.48 Trevon Rybka, Dickson, 21.20 Rex Edmondson, Dickson, 1:54.67

Girls 9-10 Standing Long Jump Anna Beth Woodard, Dickson, 4:09 (feet)

Girls 9-10 Softball Throw Lauren Jackson, Dickson, 82:02 Shailea Burgess, Dickson, 49:08 Mae Lei Burgess, Dickson, 28:02

Girls 9-10 50-meter Dash Lauren Jackson, Dickson, 9.36 Shailea Burgess, Dickson, 9.57 Mae Lei Burgess, Dickson, 10.47

Girls 9-10 100-meter Dash Lauren Jackson, Dickson, 18.01

Girls 9-10 200-meter Dash Anna Beth Woodard, Dickson, 42.20

Girls 9-10 400-meter Anna Beth Woodard, Dickson, 1:44.19

Boys 11-12 Standing Long Jump Daniel Watson, Kingston Springs, 7:00 Clay Ruf, White Bluff, 6:10.50

Boys 11-12 100-meter Dash Daniel Watson, Kingston Springs, 14.87 Chance Newsom, Dickson, 15.12 Boys 11-12 200-meter Dash Clarence Newsom, Dickson, 39.29

Boys 11-12 400-meter Dash Clay ruf, White Bluff, 1:16.01 Daniel Watson, Kingston Springs, 1:16.89

Boys 11-12 800-meter Run Clay Ruf, Dickson, 2:51

Girls 11-12 Standing Long Jump Sara Woodard, Dickson, 5:08

Girls 11-12 Softball Throw Sam Kilian, Charlotte, 84:00 Lydia Edmondson, Dickson, 67:02 Anna Edmondson, Dickson, 62:01

Girls 11-12 100-meter Dash Lydia Edmondson, Dickson, 16.83 Sam Kilian, Charlotte, 18.02 Anna Edmondson, Dickson, 18.23

Girls 11-12 200-meter Dash Lydia Edmondson, Dickson, 1:27.38 Sarah Woodard, Dickson, 1:27.51

Girls 11-12 400-meter Dash Lydia Edmondson, Dickson, 1:27.38 Darah Woodard, Dickson, 1:27.51

Girls 11-12 800-meter Run Sam Kilian, Charlotte, 3:28 Anna Edmondson, Dickson, 3:33

13-14 Softball Throw McKenzie Bell, Dickson, 106.02 Caroline Edmondson, Dickson, 93:08

13-14 100-meter Dash McKenzie Bell, Dickson, 14.83

13-14 200-meter Dash McKenzie Bell, Dickson, 38.88

13-14 800-meter Run Brianna England, Dickson, 2:52 Caroline Edmondson, Dickson, 3:10

13-14 1,600-meter Run Brianna England, Dickson, 6:29 Caroline Edmondson, Dickson, 6:51