DeRidder, La. —

DeRidder’s D’Ante Williams will be one of 400 track and field athletes from all over North America at the Hershey’s Track and Field Games on August 6 in Hershey, Pa. in the North American Finals of the event.

Williams is a student at Pine Wood Elementary, he is an honor roll student, a member of the 4-H club, and Science Explorers. He will compete in the standing long jump event.

This is Williams’ first time being selected to the North American Finals while being in his second year competing in Hershey Track and Field. He is very excited about his achievement and looking forward to his trip to Hershey, PA.

In his spare time he participates in other sports that goes on throughout the year which includes football with DeRidder Youth Football League (4 times Super Bowl Champs), AAU Basketball with the DeRidder Raptors, and he also runs AAU Track.

This is the 34th year Hershey's Track & Field Games has provided 9-14 year old boys and girls the opportunity to learn and develop the skills required to participate in basic track and field events.