Meet hosts elementary cross-country runners

Published October 10, 2007

The next generation of cross-country runners was on display Saturday as part of the Del Rio Invitational Cross-Country Meet.

Aside from the runners at the high school and middle school levels, runners from fourth, fifth and sixth grades also took part in their own races.

Each division ran a 1,200-meter course. Medals were awarded to the top 30 runners. Team awards were not presented, but will be presented at the elementary school meet that will be held at Walter Levermann Ram Stadium in November.

The results are as follows (individual schools were unavailable for the fourth grade boys, fourth grade girls and sixth grade boys divisions):

Fourth Grade Girls

Adriana Uruta was the top finisher in this division as she completed the course in 3 minutes, 11 seconds.

Aylanna Martinez was second in 3:19 and Ivanna English was third in 3:20.

The rest of the top 10 included Hanna Bradshaw (4th, 3:21), Daniella Peña (5th, 3:22), Ailette Morales (6th, 3:23), Darby Ballard (7th, 3:24), Victoria Meza (8th, 3:25), Ailleen Morales (3:26) and Bryanna Guajardo (10th, 3:27).

Fourth Grade Boys

Luis Reyes was the runner in this division, completing the course in 3 minutes, 49 seconds.

Abraham Saldivar was second in 3:56, and Richard Meza was third in 4:07.

The rest of the top 10 included Carlos Flores (4th, 4:08), Adrian Heredia (5th, 4:10), Noah Smith (6th, 4:11), Junior Martinez (7th, 4:12), Matt Delarosa (8th, 4:13), Orlando Venegas (9th, 4:14) and Manuel Aguirre (10th, 4:15).

Fifth Grade Girls

Comstock’s Lili Shandersky finished first overall in this division in a time of 3:09.

Taking second was Ashley Alcala from North Heights Elementary who finished in 3:11. Cristan Torres of Lonnie Green Elementary was third in 3:22.

The rest of the top 10 included Yesenia Ibarra (Lonnie Green, 4th, 3:23), Jasmin Flores (North Heights, 5th, 3:24), Destiny Burciaga (North Heights, 6th, 3:25), Blanca Velasquez (North Heights, 7th, 3:26), Nashale Jimenez (Lonnie Green, 8th, 3:27), Madisson Rosenow (Buena Vista, 9th, 3:35) and Sabrina Rangel (Comstock, 10th, 3:36).

Fifth Grade Boys

Enrique Parra from Buena Vista Elementary was first, completing the course in 3 minutes, 48 seconds.

Hector Coronado from Dr. Fermin Calderon Elementary finished second in 3:49. Salvador Jose from Sacred Heart was third in 3:55.

The rest of the top 10 included Paul Delgado (Lonnie Green, 4th, 3:56), Dillan Fitch (Comstock, 5th, 4:01), Alberto Lopez (Calderon, 6th, 4:05), Mauro Valdez (Buena Vista, 7th, 4:08), Ricardo Rueda (Sacred Heart, 8th, 4:09), Abraham Soto (Lonnie Green, 9th, 4:10) and Cole Rust (Buena Vista, 10th, 4:11).

Sixth Grade Girls

Jacklyn Abbey of Comstock finished the course first overall, running the distance in 3 minutes, 45 seconds.

Liz Romo of Radiance Academy was second in 3:50, and Valentina Gallegos of San Felipe Memorial Middle School was third in 4:02.

The rest of the top 10 included Valeria Hernandez (Sacred Heart, 4th, 4:12), Briana Jorgensen (Comstock, 5th, 4:13), Trisha Fitch (Comstock, 6th, 4:26), Courtney Tate (St. James, 7th, 4:33), Lauren Kneeskern (Comstock, 9th, 4:40), Emilee Erwin (Comstock, 9th, 4:41) and Mariana Solorio (Comstock, 10th, 4:45).

Sixth Grade Boys

Pablo Reyes finished first in this division, completing the course in 3:28.

Tyler Bradshaw was second in 3:48, and Lemuel Herrera was third in 3:46.

The rest of the top 10 included Darian Castro (4th, 3:48), Cesar Moreno (5th, 3:49), Colby Hill (6th, 4:04), Quentin Palel (7th, 4:07), Daniel Cardenas (8th, 4:11), Mark Ortiz (9th, 4:12) and Samuel Hall (10th, 4:2