Every year we wonder if the competition at the CYO Meet of Champions will be as exciting as the last....this year we weren't disappointed. Day one kicked off with Ella Donoghu as she took a commanding lead and broke Sara Bridges 3000 meter record of 10:34.36 from 2006 in 10:16.92. On day two it looked like a rerun of the girls race at the Oregon Twilight meet where Ella won and Nicole Griffiths came in second. Nicole broke the Cadet Girls 800 record with a time of 2:18.83, Rachel Khaw 2nd, also broke the old record in 2:20.83. In the Cub Girls 3000 Mekenna Schumacher turned in a solid run of11:11.6

The distance boys put on a show with Daniel Thompson pulling out the stops in the 3000 and breaking his brotherKyle's meet record.


The most exciting race of the meet was the Cadet Boys 1500. Daniel Thompson, Zach Lavier, and Logan Phillips exchanged the lead several times. On the back stretch there were a couple of “Pre” type gutsy surges but nobody let up until the finish. For awhile it looked like Zach's race but Logan pushed through for 1st in 4:26.96 and Daniel nosed out Zach at the line for 2nd in 4:28.27 with Zach at 4:28.44. Tyler Odonnell from Holy Trinity was 4th and Cameron Parker 5th. Cameron also won the 800 in 2:12.67, he'll be back next year. Philip Quinton and Joshua Schumacher both broke Logan Phillips record from last year with a 10:01.60 and 10:05.58, Cameron Thompson was 3rd.


Others include Alayna Connor who broke the Cub Girls 800 record in 2:26.30 and Phillip Quinton in the Cub Boys 1500 of 4:45.72. It was two days of action packed track and field.


Check out the results for yourself here.


Go to Klotz Images website and see if Steve took your picture. If you don't know Steve he is the dad of Kenny Klotz, who ran CYO, won the NXN's, ran at Footlocker Nationals, and on the U of O team.

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