EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to New York photographer Rachelle Clinton for all the incredible images of these brothers and sisters that run track together. All are members of USATF New York. This was the feature story in the March-April issue of Youth Runner Magazine.



New York Siblings that Train Together and Compete Together

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train and compete together with your brother or sister? We asked these siblings to share the advantages and disadvantages. They came back with some surprising answers.



Sophia Muccini, 16
All-City Track Club
Benjamin N. Cardozo HS
Douglaston, NY
Favorite Event: The Mile
Top Accomplishments:
-5:03 mile at Outdoor New Balance Nationals in North Carolina in 2017, in this race I placed 2nd in the nation for freshman.

-When I won the Mayor's Cup two years in a row at Van Cortland Park (2016 and 2017). This was a 2.5 mile race and the second year I won in a time of 15:08 and broke the meet record. At Van Cortland Park freshman year, I won the freshman-sophomore Foot Locker race with a time of 19:28 in the 5k. NY State Federation Indoor Championship 2018 I placed 8th in the 1500 with a 4:42 and made podium as a sophomore.

-In Youth, I got 2nd in the 1500m-4:43 and 800m-2:17 in the 13-14 age group at Nationals.

-I hold the youth records in NYC for 13-14 year old girls in the 3000m-10:26, 1500m-4:43, 1000m- 2:59, 800m-2:17.

-PR's: Mile: 5:03, 800-2:13, 1500-4:41, 3,000-10:24, 5k-18:30, 400-58, 1,000-2:59.


Siena Muccini, 13
All City Track Club
Benjamin N. Cardozo HS
Douglaston, NY
Favorite Event 3k XC
Top Accomplishments:
-PRs 3000-10:30, 1500-4:57, 800-2:27, 5k-19:04.

-National Champion at the cross country nationals 2016.

-USATF Indoor Nationals 2016 I placed 3rd in the 3,000m 13-14 girls and 3rd in the 1500m.

-USATF indoor nationals 2017 I placed 3rd in the 3,000m, 2018 I placed 2nd in the 3,000m.



Bolo Guialdo, 9
Chelsea Greyhounds
PS75 Emily Dickinson
New York, NY
Favorite Event: 800m
Top Accomplishments: PR 2:57

Raiden Guialdo, 17
Chelsea Greyhounds
De Witt Clinton HS
New York NY
Favorite Event: 800m
Top Accomplishments: PR 2:02

Xaera Mehta, 9
Club Chelsea Greyhounds
School P.S.33 Chelsea Prep
New York, NY
Favorite Event 1500m
Top Accomplishments - PR's 5:52 in the 1500m

Xerxes Mehta, 9
Club-Chelsea Greyhounds
School P.S.33 Chelsea Prep
New York, NY
Favorite Event 800m
Top Accomplishments - PR's Running 32s in the 200m.

Adam Vitale, 10
Club:The Camp
Saint Charles School
Staten Island, NY
Favorite Event​: 1500m
Top Accomplishments​: I ran 25:31 in a 4 mile race which is a 6:22 pace

Julia Elizabeth Vitale, 7
Club​-The Camp​
Saint Charles
Staten Island, New York
Favorite Event​: 1500m & 800m
Top Accomplishments​: Qualifying in 3 events (1500m, 800m & Javelin) in USATF NY Regionals.

Sahar Victoria Vitale, 11
The Camp
​Intermediate School
Staten Island, NY
Favorite Event​: 3000m & 5k
Top Accomplishments​: 18:03 in 5k and 2X Champion in Staten Island CYO XC Championship Meet competing against 7th and 8th graders.


Parker Chin, 6
The Camp
PS 35
Staten Island
Favorite Event 55m
Top Accomplishments: PR's

Preston Chin, 8
The Camp
PS 35 Staten Island, NY
Favorite Event 800m
Top Accomplishments: PR's



Ok.....here are the questions we asked them.


As siblings, are you always competing against each other?

Sophia: YES! All of the time we compete with each other over the weirdest, most random things! Sometimes we compete over who can get the higher grades in school, who can braid hair better, or even see who is better at card games!


Sienna: Yes! I have a competitive personality and Sophia and I are always competing. For example we compete over things like who had the higher average in school to who can drink their bottle of water first.


Bolo: When we aren't practicing we compete in various video games.


Adam: I am always competing with my big sister in everything even

being first in line.
Julia: On the track my brother and sister are much older than me.
However, I can beat them in Karate, which I am a Blue belt and
also I am undefeated in Rummy, Card game


Sahar: There was a time when my brother, Adam jumped really far in

the long jump on his last try beating my first 2 jumps. However,
I knew if I did not beat him, he would never let me forget. So
on my final Jump I beat him by 4 inches.


Parker: Yes! I am younger but I know I am faster (awesome)



What are the advantages of having your brother or sister in the same sport?


Sophia: I always have someone to talk to who understands what I am feeling. Lastly, when dedication gets in the way of hanging out with friends, I always have my sister to hang out with.

Sienna: First off you always have someone who understands what you are feeling and can help you. We share a lot of memories together from running and are always together at track practice. Also I always have a running partner!

Bolo: We inspire and encourage each other to work as hard as we can


Xaera: You have someone you can trust.


Adam: Sometimes people call me Sahar’s brother. I am proud to be her brother but it is also nice if

they knew my name as well

Sahar: Having my brother and sister train with me I feel like I

always have my best friends with me. If I run not as well as I
hoped for they are always there to give me a hug and a smile.

Parker: Knowing my brother is around makes me feel better


Preston: I can help my brother when he needs me to



Are there any disadvantages?


Sophia: Sometimes having a sibling in the same sport can make it even harder than it already is because it gets too competitive. At big track meets or even the non-important ones, when your sibling performs much better than you do, it can be really hard and bring down your confidence.


Sienna: Some disadvantages are that it gets very competitive and it causes friction in our relationship.



Bolo: When we don't run well we let each other down and look bad to each other.



Parker: My brother is always watching what I’m doing and that can be annoying sometimes.


How does running affect your relationship with each other?


Sophia: Running definitely affects our relationship in a good way. For instance, running brings us closer together, because we are with each other all of the time and share the pain and relief of a good workout.


Sienna: Running affects our relationship in a positive way. Running is something that we will always have in common and can learn more about together. When other friends don’t understand our commitment level and why we have to pass on some social events we have each other and our family.



Bolo: Running brings us closer in our relationship. We spend more time with each other and get to know each other as athletes and as brothers.


Adam: Running with Sahar helps me to believe that one

day I will be as great as my big Sis. Perhaps even better.

Sahar: I feel more closer to my siblings because they are

experiencing the same thing at the same time during practices
and meets. This definitely makes me feel more connected to them.


Preston: We always supporting each other.



Do you run and train together?



Sophia: Yes, we always workout and train together. Now we do more often because we are going to the same High School.


Sienna: Yes we always train together unless one of us is hurt or sick.



Bolo: We workout and train together at home, on the track and in the hills.



How do you encourage each other to be better?


Sophia: By reminding each other how cool it would be in the future, if we both were in the Olympics as sisters! This is how we keep each other motivated.


Sienna: We might not always encourage each other verbally to be better but when we are running and picking up the pace and trying to push each other we are encouraging each other to do our best and pass through barriers. We also know how to cheer each other up after a bad race or a really hard practice.



Raiden: I, as the older brother, share stories with Bolo of me when I was his age and how I learned to overcome challenges or execute a certain strategy in a race. He, as my younger brother, makes me want to run harder when I see him pushing himself to his limits and not ever giving up.


Xaera: By giving each other tips.


Adam: My Baby sister, Julia just started to run. So I try to help

her as much as I can so she can continue to improve.
Julia: Sahar gets so upset when she has a bad day on the track. I
just hug her until she smiles.

Sahar: When we're doing drills we are always helping each other by

showing and explaining how to do them correctly.


Parker: My brother says he doesn’t like running but I love it and that makes him happy


Preston: By saying, “It’s okay, you can do it!



Do you run as a family?


Sophia: Yes! That is how we started running. I started running from my mom because she would run 5k races and I would go with her for fun. Sometimes everyone in my family runs 5k's together. Eventually, since I liked running so much, I started competing on a club team.

Sienna: Yes, my mom, dad, and little brother all run. I started off running by competing in 5Ks with my family.

Adam: Sometimes, I run with my mom and dad during Fun Runs. But my

highlight is when a local Champion, Michael DeVito paces me
through some of the local 5k-4 mile races.
Sahar: I love Saturday’s Fun Runs at Clove Lakes. My whole family
goes and we meet many friends who are all
running with us. It is fun and positive to be around runners
from different ages.

What are your future goals and how do you plan to achieve them?


Sophia: My future goal is to get into a Division 1 College and then I hope to go pro and ultimately my dream would be to go to the Olympics! I plan to achieve these goals by staying healthy, taking care of my body to prevent injuries and trusting in God's plan.


Sienna: My near future goals consist of making top 5 in the NYC Mayor’s Cup in high school and to make the the podium at states. Some long term goals are to run at a D-1 college and then hopefully become a pro runner or to work with a running company and travel around the world as a rep.


Bolo: "I want to break the world record in the 400m and reach my goal of 1:50 in the 800m before I leave high school. I will do it by working hard every day."


Raiden: "I want to go pro and make the Olympic team. I also want to become a civil engineer or urban planner. I'm going to reach this goal by going above and beyond what I am told to do and by keeping my goals in sight."


Xaera: To run 5:45 in the 1500m indoors and I will achieve it by training hard.


Adam: My Goal is to beat Sahar and go to Saint Peter’s Boys High School.


Julia: My Goal is to be a Black Belt in Karate. But for Track my only goal is to have fun.


Sahar: My Coach has trained many amazing female athletes that achieved full scholarships, went on to Division 1 Universities, Olympics and some became a Professional runners.

So my Goal is to break as many female team records causing my Coach to say that I am the best he ever trained.

Parker: I want to be an Astronaut.


Preston: I want to be an Environmental Engineer. We need to save our planet