EDITORS NOTE:This was originally posted on April 4th, 2015 and written by one of George's young athletes. George was a Youth Coach and a Professional Photographer. He took photos for Youth Runner Magazine over several years at events around the country.  He did have a big booming voice and a bigger heart. George passed away this last year and we're still missing him.




Coach George has a loud and surprising voice but a big and kind heart. He loves to take pictures at track meets. Coach George is really helpful and supportive he is always there at practice and track meets to coach us and guide us.  Coach George is currently the head coach for the Pasadena Running Roses.  

How long have you been coaching? I have been coached  football for 10 years and track 15.

Why did you want to be a coach?   Because my kids got involved in sports and so was I in High School and College so feld I had to give back, first I was a parent Coach then became a part of the coaching staff.

Did your children run for the Roses? Yes I have two children, oldest Boy Marquis Profit and draught Kiani Profit

Did you run track when you were little? Yes, in High School

What event did your children excel in? My son Marquis attend ASU and ran 110m Hurl, 400m Hurl, 4x100m Relay and $x400m Relay, Kiani attend U of Maryland she ran the 100m Hurl, 400m Hurl, 4x100Relay, 4x400m Relay and the Heptathlon andis still competing for Team USA in the Hept.

What is your favorite part about coaching? Helping youth develop into competitive track and field athelets
Were you always a head coach? If not, what event did you coach? No I haven’t always been the head coach, I started out as a parent for a year, parent coach for a year and then I got voted in as a head coach.