CLCF Panthers competed in the Classic Meet sponsored by the Needham Youth Running Club. Nearly 500 came to compete in the meet at DeFazio Track. Competition included 12 running events (from 50 to 3000 meters) and 8 field events for ages 5-16. The Panthers team had 21 runners ranging from age 7-14. The youngest, 7 year old Aroa Arteaga participated in the hurdles and the 200 meter as well most of the field events. She even showed good sportsmanship by filling in for another team that was short a relay member at the end of the race. Alex Delnigro ran in the 100 meter and participated in the standing long placing 6th in both among the 7-8 age group. He also finished 3rd in the turbo jav. Abby Gerrish and Haily Johnston ran for the 9-10 girls in both the 200 meter and 400 meter runs. Abby set a personal best with a time of 1:15.69 and finishing 4th. Abby also finished 8th in the shot put with a throw of 13'6".


The 9-10 boys had the largest representation and the most success. Zach Leavitt finished 2nd in the 1500, 6th in the 800, and 8th in the turbo jav. While his brother Matt came in first in the 800 with a PR of 2:44.11, 5th in the 400, and had 3 other top 5 finishes in the field events. Mike and Matt Tortolani, and Nick Delnigro also placed in several field events. Mike Tortolani placed 7th in the 100 meter finals. A relay team with Matt Leavitt, NIck Delnigro, Zack Notarianni, and Steven Doss placed 2nd with a time of 1:03.68.

Steven Doss had a strong meet as he finished first in 4 events, placed in 5 other field events, and set Needham Youth Classic Meet record in the softball toss. He ran a 14.48-100, 29.68-200, 1:07.14-400, and threw the softball 109'10". Of course, he was part of the relay team that placed second. Steven was awarded Athlete of the Meet for the 9-10 year old age group.


Sophie Carter, Zoe Cute, and Kateri Bajer represented the 11-12 year old girls. Zoe and Kateri made it to the 100 meter finals placing 6th and 8th respectively. Kateri finished 7th in the 400 meter with her best time of 1:12.21. Sophie ran in the 800 and the 1500 placing 5th in both events. Josh Leavitt and Oscar Arteaga participated for the Panthers in this age group. Josh finished 6th in the 800, 7th in the 1500, and 3rd in the shot put, after throwing for the first time. Oscar finished 5th in the turbo jav and both boys helped their relay team place third.

Rounding out the Panthers team were the 13-14 year old boys. Theo Khavang placed 1st in the 400 with a time of 58.94. Randy Duran placed 7th in the 200 meter and shot put, while placing 5th in the turbo jav. Teammates Sam Walmsley and Fedirico Rivas also placed in the turbo jav, 3rd and 2nd repsectively. Finally, Jeudy Guzman placed 8th in the 800 meter and ran a strong 1500 meter with a 5:20 time.

Out of 20 teams that participated in the meet, CLCF finished 9th for their first team trophy in a competitive meet.