Ciera Covers the 2019 CIF Track and Field Championships


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More than 1200 athletes from over 400 schools competed at the 101st annual CIF Track and Field Championships at Buchanan High School in Clovis, California this weekend. The top high school athletes from all over California competed their hearts out for PRs and top positions. History was made as it was the first time that two schools from Clovis won the overall team championships: Buchanan High School for the girls, and Clovis North for the boys. Being from the local community, it is an honor to celebrate their success at CIF.



Here are some interesting stories from this weekend.  


This weekend, Rachel Glenn (Junior) from Wilson High School competed in the High Jump, 4x400m, and the 300m Hurdles. In 2018, she was the High Jump State Champion. This year, she placed second. High Jump had always been her best event, until this year. She decided to do something different, as she added the 300m hurdles to her events. She overcame the obstacle of learning how to compete in a new event, and became the 2019 State Champion for the 300m hurdles.



Meagan Lowe (Senior) and Corie Smith (Junior) are from Buchanan High School. Lowe got second in the 1600m and third the 3200m. Smith placed second in the 3200m. They also won the overall girls team State Championship title. Being from the same school, they were able to challenge each other at practice every day, and they worked with each other to run their best races in the 3200m today. Lowe and Smither enjoy helping and encouraging each other to be the best they can be.



Izzy Fauria (Junior) from St. Francis High School finished fourth in the 800m. She is a familiar face to Youth Runner Magazine since she was the cover athlete for the December 2015 issue, as an 8th grader. Fauria was a great runner then, and is an even better runner now as a Junior in high school. She continued working hard since her 8th grade year to make herself a stronger athlete and continue her success.



Skylar Wallace (Junior) from Sage Creek High School finished 8th in the 3200m. Wallace was seated 20th. She consistently passed girls each lap, determined to break her PR. And she did just that, breaking her PR by more than 2 seconds.



Shelby Daniele is a senior at Buchanan High School. Before deciding that running was for her, she was a cheerleader. She then decided to focus her energy on her running career. This weekend, Daniele finished her senior year as CIF Champion in the 200m proving that hard work and dedication pays off.



Soloman Strader competed from West Ranch High School. Strader went from a division 4 school to division 1 school. This is a huge change because division 1 schools bring more competition and there are many more fast runners. It was a challenge for him to make the change, but it made him a much better runner. Here is his biggest piece of advice.



The CIF State Championships bring together the best of the best high school athletes around Calfornia, and is the track meet to compete in. As in anything, it takes hard work and dedication. Each athlete deserved to be there, and should be proud of all they have accomplished.