It has been four months since I have done a workout. I recently started working out again & I am very thankful! I have done swim workouts that my coach writes for me. Other days my step - dad (like my father basically) and his kids including me go ride our bikes for a couple of miles. This helps so much because I know I'm not alone during this injury. I work on my gluts, calves, and hamstring the most. I try to do proper squats for about 5 minutes everyday. I do bridges to strengthen my legs.

My mom is an amazing therapist and helps me get my ankle feeling stronger and better. She fractured her ankle in High School and knows what I'm going through. She tells me to do calf raises in ice and it has helped tremendously. My step - dad, coach, and mom have helped me so much through this injury. When I go to my dad’s house on the weekends I workout in the gym we have in our garage on my arms the most. I have been working really hard to come back! I still haven't run but I will be running soon and I plan on taking it slow. I don't want to rush into it and I also cannot wait to be back, hopefully better than ever!