One of my biggest accomplishments was setting the world record in the 15K when I was 12. I was originally training for AAU Nationals, which was a 4K. Then my coach and I decided to train for a 5K because I was in great shape. I tried several times but the closest I got was nine seconds from breaking the world record. Then my coach and I thought of running the Hot Chocolate 5K and 15K race. I wanted to break the 5K-world record and see how fast I could run a 15K. I came up short on the world record but I still won overall female out of 4000 women. My coach asked if I still wanted to run the 15K and I told him " I'm not leaving without a world record! “.

I warmed up again and 10 minutes later ran the 15K. It was a very hilly and long course. My coach face timed my friends and other coaches to motivate me, which is a big reason I even finished the race. I ended up finishing the race and setting a world record! This was an amazing day that I got to spend with my outstanding parents and coach that worked almost as hard as me by waking up for early runs, taking me to races, and mostly motivating me to be the best I can be.