This summer I broke the state record in the 1600 meter run at the TAAF State Games in College Station Texas. I had a rough time getting tprepared for that race start though.  I started training at the beginning of the summer.  All of the easy workouts weren't so easy for me. My tough workouts I couldn't even finish or my times weren't like they were supposed to be. I only had a handful of good workouts.

At this point if I would have raced I wouldn't be able to win anything. Luckily my amazing parents and coach sent me to a week camp at Baylor University. I was in the fastest girls group. It was a tough week training wise but an amazing week because I met some of my running idols like Annie Dunlap and Rachel Johnson. That week was filled with tough workouts that I conquered.

Finally it was time to travel to College Station, which wasn't good either. My first race was the 3200 meter run. I didn't do well because I didn't run my race but I still got third. The winning time was something that I could've run which upset my coach and I the most.

After that race I knew I could not run amazing the next day but I had to at least try. That night I could not sleep even if my race depended on it. I woke up with an hour of sleep and went to the race. Under the heating tent I cried that all of my hard work was to waste. I snapped out of it at the starting line and started to run my race. I started in the back and fully caught up to the front. On the last 300 meters I took off and I won the race. I was the state champion! 10 minutes later I found out I set the state record as well. This was by far the best day of my life and I'm glad I shared it with my parents and coach.