The Fruition Water Bottle is a water bottle that infuses fruit into your water. When I opened the package, I was surprised by the design of the product. Usually, infusing water bottles can take hours to get the flavor of the fruit into water. This water bottle has a silicone bottom which you apply pressure to have the fruit press against a filter. By doing this, the flavor of the fruit is immediately being infused.


I also really like how this water bottle is heat safe. My only problems with this product is that it isn't the most durable and the cap to screw off is inconvenient. I accidentally dropped my water bottle a few feet, and the bottom chipped a little. I feel that screwing off the top of any water bottle is risky, it is an accident is awaiting. If it had a pop-up nozzle, it would be easy to drink and spill proof. Other wise, I have no complaints about the Fruition Infusing Water Bottle and as the company says have “fun with water”.