Hello Everyone! Let me introduce Charlie Hammel. He is 14, and in the 8th grade, and runs mainly the 1600m. He started running at age 7 and track is now a big part of his life. Charlie's goal this season is to run a sub 4:45 1600 or a 4:25 1500. Today he is kicking off his blog with a post about running the 400m.

The 60 Second Barrier

I would like to start this off by explaining what the 400 means to our team. The 400, while being a sprint, is the in between point where sprinters and distance runners can gut it out for the glory and ultimate bragging rights. It is the shortest  event that distance runners compete in, but the longest that sprinters will race. The 400 is an all time favorite for my team, the Ventura Tigres, and it has become the “it" race that every runner will compete in at least once. 

One of the greatest milestones to achieve as a Tigres Youth/Intermediate runner is breaking the 60 second barrier. The 400, also known as the "tough man contest” is one of the most agonizing yet rewarding events. Each year our Youth/Intermediate team tries to surpass the number of athletes who broke the 60 second barrier from the previous year, and this year may be an all time high. Last year we had 11 break 60 and already in our first meet of the season we had 6 athletes put it on the line and break the 60 second mark.  I’m proud to have joined the ranks barely squeaking by with a 59.6, but not as fast as my 8th grade friend and teammate (Connor Stevenson) who crushed the mark with a 53.7. I am really glad that I got under 60 seconds in the first meet this year, because now that box is checked and I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the season.  I can get back to the races that I am most familiar with, the distance races.


Do you run the 400? Have some stories you'd like to share? Tell us about them below.

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