Monday, February 2nd

swim workout

warm up: 200 swim, 200 kick w/ kickboard, 200 pull w/ pull buoy

kick set: 12 sets of 50 meters flutter kick w/ kickboard.  On our backs on the way down and front on the way back.  We did a 1:15 send off which was I couldn’t make by the end.  By the 5th or so lap, I was doing each set consecutively without any rest.  I really felt it in my quads.

swim set: We swam 500 meters for time.  It was more about finishing it than it was for the time.  500 meters is a varsity only race and I’ve always thought it looks hard.  (It’s kind of the 3K of swim meets.)  I went at a pretty slow pace and I was fine; I definitely could have gone faster.  I came in at around 10 minutes.  After the swim, our lane had to review etiquette for passing each other because we got in each others’ way during the 500.

Next we did 4 50 meter freestyle builds.  Our coach wanted to see a noticeable difference in our stroke between the two lengths, so I breathed every 5 strokes on the way down and every 7 on the way back, and kicked harder.  It was pretty tiring.

cool down: 100 meters easy


Tuesday, February 3rd

swim workout

warm up: 200 swim, 200 streamline kick (no kickboard), 200 IM (50 meters each stroke), 4 50 meter freestyle builds, 2 25 meter sprints, 50 meters easy

kick set: 6 sets of 50 meters “tombstone” down, choice kick back.  Tombstone is where you hold the kickboard in front of you, vertical in the water with about half of it submerged so it gives you resistance. It was tiring, I felt it in my quads.

swim set: 5 sets of 100 meters on the 2:00 sendoff, choice stroke.  I swam freestyle for my first two and came in at around 1:45, and I was working fairly hard.  I swam backstroke for my 3rd and barely made the sendoff, coming in around 1:55.  I swam freestyle again for my 4th and came in at around 1:55 again.  I swam breaststroke for my last one and it was slower than 2 minutes.  I was tired and out of breath by the end.  Also really hot; I know I’m working hard when I can tell I’m sweating even in the water.  We did a 50 meter cool down after.

After that we worked on flip turns.  I have to work on the timing/distance of my backstroke turns.  I keep turning onto my stomach too far away from the wall, and we’re not allowed to glide in to the wall.

I was tired by the end of practice and I remember thinking I wouldn’t have any air left to play in pep band at the basketball game that night. (I was fine to play trombone.)


Wednesday, February 4th

swim workout

warm up: 200 swim, 200 streamline kick, 200 IM, 4 50 meter freestyle builds, 2 25 meter sprints, 50 meters easy.

kick set: 10 50 meters flutter kick down, choice back.  I did breaststroke kick on the way back every time.  It’s a good stroke for me to rest my legs.  I felt the flutter kick in my quads.

swim set: We swam the races we’re swimming for the meet on Thursday, twice for each stroke.  I’m doing 50 meter freestyle and 50 meter backstroke.  I wanted to focus on my dives in the shallow lanes so I’m not as tentative.  Both of my dives for freestyle were good.  I had a hard time with breath control; I took 2-3+ breaths per length when I should be doing them in 1.  I have a hard time waiting 3 strokes to take a breath after pushing off the wall after the flip turn.   My backstroke starts were good.  I forgot to rotate my shoulders/torso in the first 50 of backstroke.  And my flipturns were sloppy

Thursday, February 5th

meet day!

Today was our “Civil War” meet against Lakeridge HS, the only other high school in our district.  Competitions against Lakeridge in all the sports and activities are important to my school-the rivalry is huge.  But this meet was even more special because before today, both teams were undefeated so whoever won the meet would be league champions.  Both schools had a student section there and it was awesome to have them cheering for us.  It was probably the loudest, most exciting high school sports event I’ve been to throughout my high school career.

warm up: I swam alternating strokes for 600 meters, and then practiced backstroke turns a couple times.  Then we did dives.  My goggles came off during my first freestyle dive so I did it again.  And then I did one backstroke start.

My first race was the 50 freestyle.  I was in a shallow lane again, like last week-actually, the same lane.  I was less nervous for my dive, though, since I was fine last week.  I had a good race, breathed more often than I should have.  But I came in 2nd in my heat and PR’d by 1 second.

My second race was the 50 backstroke.  My goggles broke 2 seconds before the whistle blew to signal us to get into the pool.  So I had to swim without goggles, which was unfortunate.  But of all the strokes to swim without goggles, I suppose backstroke would be the one.  Though today I learned how much water goes in your face during backstroke.  My flip turn was good, and I drove my legs in my kick on the way back.  I don’t know my previous time for this race but I probably improved, though I was about 5 seconds slower than what my coach wanted me to swim…

For the girls, winning the meet came down to the last event, the 400 freestyle relay.  We had to get 2nd and 3rd place to win the meet.  Lakeridge had the 1st place team and they had the lead for just about the whole race.  We were screaming our heads off cheering, and our girls got 2nd and 3rd just as we needed.  We screamed SO hard when the 3rd place team finished because it meant we won the meet, won the Civil War, and won the league championship! It was so exciting!  The boys also won; it was an amazing day.


Friday, January 6th

swim workout

warm up: 200 swim, 200 kick w/ kickboard, 200 pull w/ pull buoy

kick set: With kickboard.  200 meters total: 25 meters alternating 3 breaststroke kicks and 3 dolphin kicks on the way down, and breaststroke or backstroke on the way back

Didn’t hurt at all, but I could definitely feel it in my quads. I wasn't too sore from the meet.

After that we played “golf.”  We swam 25 meters of freestyle at a time and added our time and the number of strokes we took; lowest score wins, hence the name golf.  (could also be called cross country!)  We did 14 of them.  Once I got the hang of it I was able to keep my scores fairly consistent.  Biggest things to do were kick harder, dolphin kick underwater longer, and take longer strokes.  I won the game by 5 points!  I was tired by the end but not too tired since it wasn't at an all out sprint.