Monday January 26th

Swim workout

warm up: 200 meter swim, 200 meter kick w/ kickboard, and 200 meter pull w/ pull buoy

My right shoulder/bicep area was tight for the first lap or so but then went away.

kick set: 8 sets of 75 meters with kickboard. First 50 meter slow, second 50 medium, last 50 fast.  I alternated between breaststroke kick and flutter kick.  My quads were tired after the first set but recovered quickly.  Fairly tired after set, but recovered before the swim set.

swim set: 50 meter drill, 100 meter swim of each stroke in individual medley order (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle).  Butterfly drill was “finish drills”-- start with arms above head and push arms down, rising to breathe, and then return hands above head, diving into the water and lifting hips up out of the water (arms never come out of the water and around as in the actual stroke).  The first 50 of butterfly swim was fine, the 2nd was harder because my form broke, and I kind of lost my kick.  Still have a lot of work to do on butterfly but I’m doing okay considering I just learned how to swim it.  Back stroke drill was six kicks on one side, then switch, and so on.  The 100 meters were fine; my flip turns were on point.  This wasn’t a problem today, but I need to count my strokes from the flags into the wall. The breaststroke drill was three kicks, one pull.  The 100 meters were fine, but I’m still struggling with the timing of my breaths.  Freestyle drill was finish drills; try to “splash the person behind you” when pushing hands behind you out of the water.  The 100 meters were fine.

cool down: 100 pull, 100 easy freestyle

Felt pretty good after workout; nothing hurt, not too tired.  Did weights after; last day of weights for girls because tapering for districts starts this week.


Tuesday January 27th

Swim workout

warm up: 200 meter swim, 200 meter kick w/ kickboard, and 200 meter pull with pull buoy

kick set: 16 sets of 25 streamline kick (arms above head, touching ears, with one hand on top of the other, elbows straight) at least halfway down underwater dolphin kick and then the rest of the way flutter kick.  I did the flutter kick on my back so I could recover faster.  We were given 10 seconds of rest between sets, I usually used 5-10.  I was able to get to or past the halfway mark underwater each time.  Was pretty tired after the set, but that’s typical.

swim set:  3 sets of 100 meters freestyle on the 2:00.  This means that you start a set every two minutes; the faster you swim, the more rest you have.  6 sets of 50 meters on the 1:30.  We did 2 50’s for each remaining stroke (butterfly, back, breast).  We did this sequence twice.  I was pretty tired by the end, and really warm.

cool down: 100 meters easy

Then our coach had us do a cannonball contest for a box of candy canes.  I did not win :( But it was fun!

Wednesday January 28th

Swim workout

warm up: 200 meter swim, 200 meter streamline kick, 4 sets of 50 builds (go faster for the 2nd length), 2 sets of 25 sprints, 50 meter cool down.

kick set: We convinced our coach to let us do what we call the “turtle.”  Essentially, we sit on our kickboards and do the breaststroke pull with our arms.  It’s great fun and the other lanes always think we look funny.  We did 1 lap of that. The kick set was 10 sets of 50 flutter kick down, choice stroke back, w/ kickboards. 10 seconds rest between each 50. One of the easier kick sets; I felt fine at the end.

swim set: 8 sets of 50 meters on the 1:15.  We had to do 2 50’s of each stroke; drill down, swim back.  For butterfly, I did the finish drill (described in Monday’s workout).  For backstroke, I did double arm- both arms come out of the water at the same time.  For breaststroke I did three kicks, one pull.  For freestyle I did finish drills (described in Monday’s workout).  The 1:15 send off was hard to make in backstroke and breaststroke; I typically had less than 5 seconds rest for those.  Felt pretty good after the set.  My right bicep/shoulder barely hurt today.

Then we worked on turns for the remaining 20-30 minutes of practice.  My flip turns are fine, but I need to work on my butterfly/breaststroke turns. I have to work on flopping back after touching the wall rather than turning immediately.

I was tired after the workout, but not as tired as yesterday.

Thursday, January 29th

swim meet!

warm up: 200 swim, 2 100 meter IM’s (intermediate medley; in a 100, 25 yards for each stroke. The varsity race is 200 meters, 50 meters each stroke), 2 50 meter builds

A little less than normal because I was tired after doing that much.

My first race was the 100 IM.  They combined JV boys and girls so it was 3 girls and 3 boys in my race. I was in deep lane (half of the lanes in our pool don’t have a deep end), so that was good.  I dove off the blocks and my dive was good.  My butterfly was good, kick could have been stronger but my overall form didn’t break at all.  My backstroke was ok, I think it could have been faster because the girl in the lane next to me caught up to me even though I was ahead of her after the butterfly.  My breaststroke was okay.  I still haven’t quite gotten the timing of my breaths down yet.  My freestyle was good but my kick could have been stronger.  I took a breath every 3-5 strokes.   I PR’ed by 3 seconds, but haven’t gotten my splits yet.  I was really tired after the race, once I got out I had to sit by the edge of the pool for a couple seconds.  My stomach hurt, too.  Like it sometimes does after the first race of a meet in track.  I tried to warm up for my next race during the break, but I was only able to do 2 laps before deciding it would be better to save my energy.

My second race was the 50 freestyle.  I was in a shallow lane this time, so my dive was a little tentative but I still dove off the blocks and it was a pretty good dive.  My stomach stopped hurting once I started swimming and I had a good swim but I feel like my kick could have been stronger.  I got 2nd in my heat, though! And a 1 second PR.  I am now 5 seconds away from possibly having a shot at a relay spot.  

I was SUPER tired after the meet but that just means I gave it all I had!  Nothing hurt.


Friday, January 30th

swim workout: 200 swim, 200 kick w/ kickboard, 200 pull w/ pull buoy

kick set: 16 sets of 25 meters flutter or dolphin kick on our sides; right side halfway and left the rest on the 0:45.  I alternated flutter and dolphin each lap for the most part.  It was a little hard to keep to the 45 second sendoff by the end.

I got a small bloody nose after that so I missed the beginning of the swim set.

The swim set was choice swim 25 meters, get out of the pool and do 10-15 push-ups, choice swim back, and 15 streamline jumps.  Streamline jumps are pretty much squat jumps except when you jump you shoot your arms up into streamline.  We did the set for 20-25 minutes.  It’s a difficult workout, but fun.  I was tired by the end but not as tired as the last time we did this workout since I missed the beginning.

I decided to rest both Saturday and Sunday since we’re on taper and because I was super busy this weekend.  I’m a little sore but not too bad.  I will need to get a couple runs in after swim practice this week, though.


WEEK OF January 24th, 2015