Advice for High School Students


As a soon-to-be high school junior, I’ve learned a lot from my freshman/sophomore years. I’ve gathered perspective from balancing school, sports, and other activities.


1. Get involved.

High school is a great opportunity to try new things, learn through mistakes, and find what you love.  Don’t be afraid to join new club or try something you haven’t done before.  Activities are a great way to make friends and learn new abilities.

2. Communicate & Listen.

Be honest and upfront with your teachers, coaches, and parents about your goals and limitations.  Listen to their expectations and hopes for you. You might have to miss school for meets- make sure you know what you’re missing and how you’ll make it up.  Ask for help from your teachers if you’re struggling in a class.  

3. Be confident, be smart.

Don’t let other people’s opinions of you define who you are or what you do!  Stay true to yourself and your goals.  If something doesn’t feel right, take a step back and ask yourself whether it matches up with your personal expectations. As an athlete, you have a responsibility to yourself, your coach, your team, and your school to make good decisions about your health.

4. Stay organized.

Avoid procrastinating by doing assignments the night they’re assigned.  This is definitely something I am working on!  I stay organized by using a planner to keep track of events, assignments, and tests.

5. Relax & Enjoy

When things get stressful, take time to relax and unwind or do something fun with your friends.  High school goes faster than you expect- make the most out of it!

Good luck and have fun with this school year & cross country season!