Running takes a lot of motivation.  Different runners have different ways of finding their motivation.  One of the main ways I stay motivated and inspired is with my motivation board. It’s on the wall of my room, in a central place where I see it whenever I go in and out of my room. It’s easy to create, easy to maintain, and provides me with lots of inspiration

Here’s what you’ll need:

-bulletin board or corkboard

-magnets & dry erase markers/thumbtacks

-pictures (of yourself, your team, inspiring runners, etc.)

-old race bibs

-magazine clippings, quotes, etc.

All of these items are up to you.  Include things that inspire you.

On my board, I keep my updated season and lifetime PR’s, as well as my goal times.  I also write a new quote each week or whenever I come up with one, and I keep countdowns to important dates such as special races or starts of seasons.


Another one of my favorite aspects of my motivation board is a clip with all of my race bibs from throughout my life.  It’s fun to look back on all the great races I’ve run and commemorate all of them.


Your board should emanate positivity, enthusiasm, and power.  


Do any of you keep bulletin boards like I do?  

Please leave me a comment below and tell us what else do you do to stay motivated.