Meet #3: Civil War

On Wednesday, my track team had our first dual meet against the only other high school in our school district. The rivalry between our schools is referred to as "Civil War" for all sports, but what I love is the coexistence of competition and camaraderie at track meets. We cheer for our friends whether they go to our school or not; the bond between runners overrides our school loyalties. This leads to a rivalry that results in high competition and an exciting atmosphere. I think it's really important to let your love of running and competitiveness connect you to competitors, rather than create unnecessary strife.

The meet was bright and warm, and I ran the 1500, 800, and 4x400, PR'ing by a couple seconds in the 1500 and the 800. My leg of the 400 was probably one of the best I've done; I felt like I was flying throughout the whole race and never started to doubt myself or slow down. But the best part of the meet was screaming my lungs out cheering between my races; I just about lost my voice, but it's always worth it. Positivity is power! Support those around you and they will, in turn, support you.

Happy running!