Casey is back with her blogs about cross country, training, and life. She is also the Guest Editor in our Sept-Oct Issue of Youth Runner Magazine this year.

Gearing up for XC 2014!

Yesterday, our team hosted our annual fundraiser “Laker Run.”  It’s a practice 3K or 5K on our home course for the athletes, and our families and friends join us to run, walk, or race.  I convinced my bicyclist-dad to run the 3K, and I was proud that he finished!  Originally, I planned to run the 3K but last minute, (and reluctantly) I decided to run the 5K.  It was a hot day and our course is super hilly. I went out too fast in the beginning, with my mile time being one the fastest I’ve ever ran, and kind of died in the last part of the race.  But, I finished much faster than I expected, with my time obliterating all of my apprehension that I would be slow this season.  I know each season brings a lot of room for improvement and I am already much faster than I usually am at this point!  Racing today reminded me of the unbeatable feeling of finishing a race- and how much I missed that feeling!  I forgot how much I missed pushing my physical limits and proving to myself how much I am capable of.

This will be my third season of cross country, and I can’t wait to see what it holds.  I can’t wait for team bonding at pasta feeds, cheering at meets, and continuing to improve as a racer. What are you looking forward to this season?
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